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“You know what weekend we have coming up? Dependence Day weekend. No, not Independence Day weekend. Not with this regime.”

“The Gulf is an absolute criminal disaster. Our policy in Iran is a joke. The economy doesn’t exist. The only thing growing is Obama’s ears, his nose, and federal employment.”

“The Arizona law is practically word-for-word what the federal law is, which is not being enforced. The Arizona law is not divisive. It is attempting to secure the border of Arizona on Mexico because Obama will not do it.”

“Amnesty, it’s headed our way. It is the largest voter registration drive in American history.”

“The Caucasian tax starts today. That’s the tax on white people who want to get a tan.”

“We’re not going to have underthe first black president a black attorney general prosecuting the New Black Panthers. It just wouldn’t look good, especially around election time.”

“In the midst of everything else not working, what do you do? You throw more chaos and confusion into the mix, and you frustrate people all to hell so that they have no idea what’s up, what’s down, whether they’re coming or going. Panic, chaos, tumult. That’s the prescription. That’s what this regime wants, and they are getting it.”

“Obama said the borders are too vast to secure. Whatever happened to this, ‘Yes, we can’ business? Now it’s, ‘No, we can’t.'”

“The Statue of Liberty carries the light of liberty to the rest of the world. It does not welcome the retches of the world to this country. That’s not its purpose. It was never intended as that purpose.”

“Unlike Elena Kagan, Abraham Lincoln insisted the Declaration is the statement of principles through which the Constitution should be interpreted. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. Abraham Lincoln was certainly more of a student of law than Ms. Kagan ever has been, even if he never had a job at Harvard.”

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