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Rush’s Morning Update: The Spigots!
July 7, 2010

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Well, the Politico reports(maybe I should say, laments)the pickle theDemocrats find themselves in. With the summer campaign season underway and elections looming,the economy is slowing,unemployment is raging,and the party of Obama has “few options for a quick fix.”

You see, in normal circumstances, Democrats would just turn on the spigotand print up enough election-year money to buy their way out of horrible poll numbers. In addition to the usual slush funds they pass out via a litany of government programs,they ordinarily would also dole out a few million in “walkin’ around money”that community activists hand out to ensure voter turnout in blue-state neighborhoods.

But this year is different:Since Obama’s Immaculation, the spigots have never been off! Democrats spent so much money already,even they are having a hard time justifying printing up more. Many of themare worried that Republicans “will pounce” on another Porkulus billand blast them as the “free-spending budget-busters” that they are.

Normally, that wouldn’t matter, either,but this year the electorate’s paying attention. Things are so bad that Nancy Pelosi recently hired one of John McCain’s economic advisorsto convince the Democrat caucus that “more spending is needed” to ward off a “double-dip recession.”

Democrats already have tax increases cued up; those are going tohit in January, after the elections are over. The only open question is, how many more billions– or trillions– they will find a way to spend before November.

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