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“I guarantee you we have more evidence that manmade global warming is a hoax than we do on what Iran’s doing with nukes. Don’t doubt me.”

“The administration needs to keep the pressure on Iran, and Bush will. We don’t want Iran in a position where it has all the tools and the know-how to build a bomb, just waiting for the right time to complete it — such as when we have a Democrat in the White House.”

“I don’t care if it’s Hillary or Bill — when a Clinton starts talking about ‘one-night stands,’ you have to raise your eyebrow a little bit.”

“I hate to inform the Drive-Bys of this, but the president does not create the intelligence. He is provided the intelligence, and he makes overarching policy decisions based on the intelligence.”

“You think maybe it’s possible that — seeing what we did in 2003; invading Iraq — the mullahs said, ‘Ah, let’s pull back on this for a while’? They saw that we were able to get rid of Saddam Hussein and his two worthless kids in a matter of hours — and then we stayed.”

“The best way to think of the NIE is this way: It’s a snapshot of a battlefield shrouded in fog. And just because the snapshot doesn’t show the enemy down there doesn’t mean they’re not hiding in the fog.”

“I was back in Mr. Snerdley’s office during the break. He said, ‘That was a smoking hour!’ I said, ‘I know, but every day we have to come in here and defend this country against the Democrats and the libs! Every day!'”

“Mohamed ElBaradei was named after a teddy bear, by the way.”

“Every nuclear power has reached its nuclear objective under the cover of darkness; they have done it in secret. This NIE report certainly is not going to be enough for the Israelis to say, ‘Oh, okay! We can relax! Iran’s actually not going to do anything!'”

“Nobody plays the victim card better than liberal women.”

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