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Rush’s Morning Update: Reform
July 9, 2010

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One of the so-called reforms instituted by Democrat House leaders was a ban on earmarks for “profit making” companies. Surprisingly enough, the New York Times did a little checking and actually reported on the companiesand the members of Congresswho’ve found ways to “bypass” that ban.

For example: Days after the ban, Victoria Kurtz, the VP of a defense contracting firm in Ohio, formed a nonprofit organization that, coincidentally, does the same kind of work as her for-profit company. The new company even uses the same address. Ohio’s Marcy Kaptur has submitted an earmark on behalf of the new nonprofitfor over $10 million. Congresswoman Kaptur(Democrat-Ohio)says the new nonprofit meets the “requirements of the reform”…and it just so happens she received tens of thousands of dollars in campaignmoney from Victoria Kurtz’s lobbyists and from the Kurtz family.

Example: The Virtual Reality Medical Center in California was looking for $6 million in earmarks. After the ban, an aide of Congresswoman Corrine Brown(Democrat-Florida)consulted with company executives, and the next thing you know, the $6 million earmark was “redirected” to the Interactive Media Institute,a nonprofit group run by senior executives of Virtual Reality.

Now, these are just two of the examples of Democrat “earmark reforms.” There are others, equally as rank and deceptive,all designed to keep your hard-earned money flowing into the hands of Democrat friends, loved ones, and contributors. But your chance for reform is coming, too, folks: Ithappens in November.

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