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RUSH: This is Stewart in Moraga, California, great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I wanted to say that when you say that the Democrats are setting up the Republicans by hoping that they win in November, it could really backfire on them from the point of view of if the Republicans take the House and close to 50 seats in the Senate and have the ability to pass legislation that reverses part of the Obama agenda, then that puts the president into the position of being the president of ‘no’ and having to veto —

RUSH: That’s the thing, exactly right. This is why I said this strategery the Democrats have hatched hinges on two things: It hinges on an uninformed or naive or ignorant electorate, and it hinges on the Republicans doing nothing. The Republicans are only as strong as their weakest link. Now, here’s an illustration, and herein lies the problem with Republican governance because Republican governance is different from conservative governance. There’s a story, MSNBC, Scott Brown, the Republican who won Ted Kennedy’s seat, is going to vote ‘yes’ on financial reform. There is no conservative anywhere who would vote ‘yes’ on financial regulatory reform. It is a fraud of a bill. It should not come close to even passing. But here we have a Republican voting for it, and if you read the story, he makes arguments that sound very much like liberal arguments, that it does all these wonderful things, that it’s got a consumer bill of rights in it, it’s gonna make sure that big, fat cats on Wall Street don’t get to screw anybody anymore when in fact it does not do that, and it cannot do that, and it will not do that. So this is going to be up to the Republicans, what they do with this victory in the House that even the White House now appears to be hoping for.


RUSH: I am sitting here, I’m remembering on the old days, folks, when Republicans took over the presidency and full control of Congress, the House and the Senate. And all we heard from the Democrats and of course their echo chamber, the one party media, was about the virtues of divided government. I remember Pelosi talking about the rights of the minority and the rights of the minority were being totally ignored, and now of course we hear none of that. In fact, I bet you what we’re gonna hear now, the virtues of divided government. That will happen soon. If the White House really wants Republicans to win the House in November you’re gonna hear stories about the virtues of divided government.


RUSH: Pat in Calabasas, California, you’re next. I’m glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Yes. Good day to you, Dr. Limbaugh.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Rush, when we notice the outstanding job that Governor Chris Christie has done in New Jersey, which is a stellar example of conservatism over Obama’s destruction, should we be hopeful that when our conservatives gain control of the Congress, that they will follow Governor Christie’s example?

RUSH: Well, yeah. I mean, that’s the point that I have been making here, that he is a road map. He’s a role model for it. Conservatives just have to be conservative. There’s a way of avoiding falling into this trap. You know, the problem for Obama in 2012 is that he has a disastrous record, and it is going to be even worse by the time that campaign comes around. Barack Obama is an out-of-the-closet socialist. If the Republican nominee is smart, Obama will be playing defense all the time whether you channel Chris Christie or not. You know, Chris Christie is a great example for governing, but right now we’re talking about campaigning. And it’s the campaign that’s gonna determine whether or not we win. We know right now, the Republicans know exactly what’s in store for them. They’re going to be blamed for all of this, up ’til now and the disaster that’s ahead of us. They have to head it off at the pass.

They cannot just figure that the American people will get it. They cannot just figure that the American people will figure out Obama has been in office for two years or four years and all this negative stuff is because of him. I think that’s their temptation. For some reason they don’t want to make any waves. But the trick is to put Obama on defense all the time. In 2012, Obama will actually be running against somebody rather than a false memory of Bush that Obama continues to rail against — and there’s another thing here. Nobody likes a whiner, either a kid or an adult. Nobody likes a baby. Nobody likes a whining, spoiled-brat loser. And Obama has become all of those things. You know, Bush has acted with class and maturity in his retirement. Obama is a classless, childish, spoiled brat baby, and immature. He’s a cheap shot character assassin. That’s what Obama is. Obama is not a person of substance. He’s not a man of policy substance.

He is not a man of character substance. All this is gonna catch up with him at some point. Obama has also said things about his own country that are deplorable. He’s apologized for this country I don’t know how many times. And he’s going to have to eat those words when he runs again, if the Republican nominee and the Republican Party has the guts to campaign on who Obama is and what he’s been. It’s clear Obama has got a chip on his shoulder about this country. You run around and say, ‘President Obama said the US can no longer be the economic engine that propels the world.’ That’s not what Americans want to hear. The way to look at this… You know the old phrase ‘low-lying fruit’? Barack Obama’s policies are the equivalent of low-lying fruit.

You don’t have to climb the tree to get to the juice. All you gotta do is walk under the tree and reach up and grab it. It’s all over the place. It’s there for the picking. Admit it, folks, isn’t this one of the things that has you so frustrated? It’s so easy. Never in our lifetimes has there been a better chance to contrast conservatism with this? This is not just liberalism. This is full-fledged socialism, Marxism, whatever you want to call it. It’s leftism, and there’s never been a greater chance to draw a contrast. But we can’t let these so-called moderates take control of the message or the agenda or it will be over, and by that I mean people like Scott Brown in Massachusetts or Olympia Snowe. If those people gain control, if we have a nominee that in any way wants to go moderate center-of-the-road, then you kiss it good-bye.

It ought to be as simple as pie, the contrast. As I say, the opportunity for this is just easy. Somebody ought to be able to run a campaign without hiring one consultant. We don’t need a consultant. We don’t have to have some brilliant media buyer here. This is so obvious how to do this. We’ve never before sat and watched the absolute purposeful destruction of capitalism, the American private sector. We’ve never seen it happen. It’s happening all around with us, and it’s gonna get worse starting next January, and that’s why Obama wants to blame a new majority of Republicans in the House for it. It’s going to be up to them to not the let him get away with it. Because we do want to win, right? And it’s sitting there for us. It ought to be a time of great optimism here, in terms of the future, and stopping this agenda and derailing it.


RUSH: Folks, it’s like Ronald Reagan said, I mean in terms of being optimistic here, we have every reason to be upbeat here about the future. Look at Europe. If Europe can rise up against socialism, so can we. In fact, it’s inevitable. Reagan said the collapse of the Soviet Union was inevitable. It morally could not sustain itself. Neither can socialism, as we’re seeing throughout Western Europe. The only way it can be sustained — well, it can’t, but it could be plenty painful while the socialists try to sustain it, and in certain communists outposts it can be deadly. But socialism just isn’t sustainable, just isn’t. And if the Republicans cannot beat an avowed post-American socialist with everything they’re going to have in their arsenal of ammunition, then whoa. I mean, look, the Republicans most likely are going to win the House without having to say a word. The danger is that they will win the House without saying a word. They’ve gotta say a word. They’ve gotta come up with an agenda pro-growth, anti-the direction Obama is taking us. They can win even bigger.

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