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RUSH: And the media is atwitter today. The Washington Post, the NAALCP to vote on a controversial resolution condemning tea party supporters. They’re going to have a resolution from the NAALCP convention alleging that the tea party is racist. Now, why is this resolution controversial? We had polling from ABC yesterday that there’s less racism in the tea party than the general population. This resolution is controversial because it is not true. The NAALCP is once again participating in dividing the people of this country at their convention.


RUSH: Adam, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s a great honor to talk to you. Thank you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Last night I was watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and he was talking about the Tea Party not acknowledging or singing their racism. He had a professor on there by the name of Melissa Harris-Lacewell from Princeton University, and she was talking about discrimination or specifically racism, and she talks about how we’ve done a bad job about defining what racism is. She said we may think of racism as spitting on people of another color or, you know, keeping people from getting a job or calling people the N-word, but she had this quote, she says, ‘People who regularly support public policy that has a disparate impact creating greater inequality for people of color is racially biased.’

RUSH: Oh, and so that’s racist as well?

CALLER: Exactly. And then she tried to compare people, white, who have lost jobs, talk about, you know, why should we talk about people of color who had lost jobs when, you know, hey, we’re in the same boat as they are, but she rarely used the words white privilege.

RUSH: Well, of course. Why are you surprised? I never heard of this woman, which stands to reason she’s on MSNBC, but this is nothing new. I mean these people are living 200 years ago. They want people to think that we still live in the antebellum days of the old south. Here, I want you to listen to an audio sound bite, folks. This is Ben Jealous, the NAALCP president and CEO speaking yesterday at the NAALCP convention in Kansas City about the Tea Party.

JEALOUS: In the middle of this great American nightmare here comes the genetic descendent of the White Citizens’ Council, burst from its coffin, carrying signs with slogans like ‘lynch Barack Hussein Obama’ and ‘lynch Eric Holder’ with hopes and dreams of tearing our nation our apart at the very moment it needs to be put back together, and taking us into the dark days of the past.

RUSH: All right, now, this guy’s taken the God echo to a bit of an extreme here. Let me read to you what Benjamin Jealous, who is the CEO and president, NAALCP just said, if you were unable to follow it. ‘In the middle of this great American nightmare here comes the genetic descendant of the White Citizens’ Council…’ So he’s saying the Tea Party is a direct descendant of the Ku Klux Klan. ‘… burst from its coffin, carrying signs with slogans like ‘lynch Barack Hussein Obama’ and ‘lynch Eric Holder.’ Now, I’ve not seen such signs. I’ve not heard of such signs. Not at a Tea Party. In fact, I haven’t seen any signs anywhere. I don’t know what this man’s talking about. But then, to follow that up by saying ‘with hopes and dreams of tearing our nation apart at the very moment it needs to be put back together…’ I would suggest these comments of Mr. Ben Jealous are nothing but divisive. I mean to make up this garbage and crap about the Tea Party. There are black members of the Tea Party. There are many black members of the Tea Party, and they’re going to be speaking out.

They’re the direct descendants of the Klan, lynch Obama, lynch Holder, with hopes of tearing the nation apart? The truth be known, it sounds to me like Ben Jealous and his group do not want the nation put together. It sounds like they’re profiting from the division and the divisiveness. What the hell is this convention, in 2010 to be saying this kind of stuff at a convention? I know they’re scared to death of the Tea Party. I know they’re frightened to death of it, because the Tea Party is grassroots America. The NAACP is calling black members of the Tea Party Uncle Toms. But if there’s anybody dividing this country, it’s Barack Obama. He has come to divide. Good Lord, Barack Obama is attacking the very traditions and institutions that have defined this country’s greatness.

Even so, and even if you don’t agree with that, this kind of extremism gets a total pass? This is not thought of as incendiary? This is not thought of as inciting potential violence? For crying out loud, to tell a convention of African-Americans that the Tea Party is running around carrying signs, ‘lynch Barack Obama?’ If that were true the Secret Service would have these people in jail. The Secret Service would have infiltrated the tea party and made sure — why am I so exacerbated? It’s nothing new. This is the group that ran TV commercials in 2000, 2004 accusing George W. Bush of lynching blacks in Texas. To say that they want unity and peace, to put the country back together? They thrive on its division. They thrive on this divisiveness.

Carol in Thomaston, Connecticut. You’re next. Hi.

CALLER: It’s an honor, Rush, and double dittos on that.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’ve been to a couple of tea parties in Hartford and they had armed National Guards on the buildings. They shoulda taken ’em off and brought ’em to the border. There was not one sign, people would have jumped on anybody that had a racist sign, believe me. But I have a proposal that we pull the rug out from under them and rename the Tea Party something like, you know, America inclusive or something, because there’s a great network, finally a grassroots movement online.

RUSH: Renaming it is not going to accomplish anything.

CALLER: Well, it might, at least the carpetbaggers, all the T-shirt people — let’s start over and say no, we don’t tolerate this. Start over.

RUSH: But there’s nothing divisive about Tea Party.

CALLER: Of course not. But they’re saying there is.

RUSH: Look, you know where this all started?


RUSH: This all started on health care Sunday when the congressional delegation was led by Nancy Pelosi, included John Lewis and a number of other black members of Congress walking through protesters, people who did not want health care passed, and they made up, totally made up that they were being called the N-word. There has never been any video or audio proof, and that has not kept the mainstream media from repeating the charge and amplifying it to the point now it is considered to be real and the truth by a certain percentage of the people, and it’s now grown —

CALLER: And it’s still on the Huffington Post reported as it’s being reported that these racist slurs were said. There’s been a hundred thousand dollars offered for proof —

RUSH: Renaming the Tea Party to something else is not going to do anything other than, ‘Oh, they’re admitting it now. They now have to rename the Tea Party because they admit they’re divisive and they’re racists.’ No, you don’t want to rename the Tea Party. You don’t want to do that. What this is all illustrative of, Carol, is the fact that the NAACP, or anybody else on the left cannot deal with the substance of the Tea Party, and they are scared to death. So the Tea Party must have its credibility destroyed, just as the left goes after any singular individual who is effective. They try to destroy that person or those people, making up quotes they’ve never said, actions they’ve never taken, et cetera, et cetera.


RUSH: Folks, if there were signs, if there were signs anywhere, I don’t care, Tea Party or wherever demanding that Obama be lynched, that’s all we woulda seen. We would see it. It would have been everywhere. Wolf Blitzer would be not be able to contain himself, (imitating Blitzer) ‘Fidel Castro, coming up soon here on CNN! We’re eagerly awaiting Fidel Castro and his first speech — even though he’s probably gonna read from a blog — in 25 years, CNN, Fidel Castro!’ With the same level excitement, (imitating Blitzer) ‘Signs, ‘Impeach Barack Obama,’ ‘Lynch Obama,’ from a Tea Party meeting.’ We woulda seen that. We haven’t seen that because there are no signs.

This is Ray in Atlanta. Great to have you on the program, Ray. Welcome to EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, good to speak with you again, and congratulations.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Very quick, I wanted to speak about this Tea Party stuff and the brouhaha with the racist stuff. I think the dirty little secret is that the Democrat Party knows that the blacks are not energized about this election and they’re not coming out in November. So they’re trying to gin up anger and something to get them out there to counter what they know is going to be a groundswell of Tea Party activists and others who are gonna vote against these guys —

RUSH: I think you’re exactly right about that, Ray. But that’s not an excuse. I know you’re not excusing it.

CALLER: No. Gosh, no. I think those of us that listen to your show, of course, understand that and any sane person understands that, that this has nothing to do with the people thinking that the Tea Party members are racist. They know that that’s not the case. They’re just trying to gin up the mind-numbed robots that are part of The Messiah’s flock, if you will.

RUSH: Right. And the reason they have to gin it up is because the members of the Obama coalition are dead. They are not enthused, they’re not excited because none of what Obama’s promised them has happened. You know, it wasn’t long ago, Ray, and I’m sure you’ll remember this, it wasn’t long ago that the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus leaders were getting all over Obama for not creating any jobs for the black community. In fact, even the Reverend Jackson was joining that chorus. Al Sharpton wasn’t, but he had callers to his radio show bitching about it, but Sharpton was defending Obama. But the fact of the matter is it wasn’t that long ago that black individuals and leaders were getting all over Obama for not doing more for the black community. Now all of a sudden it’s the Tea Party’s fault. So you’re right, it is an effort to get them all fever pitched up, but it won’t work because there’s nothing to be excited about.

If you voted for Obama and if you are a dupe member of his coalition, meaning you’re one of these mind-numbed robots who really believe that Obama was going to create a panacea and a utopia, and you’re gonna get a job and a rich guy was going to get canned and you’re going to get health care for free, and it hasn’t happened, what is there to be excited about? In fact, folks, what is there for anybody to be excited about in this country right now? Very little. But particularly Obama’s voters. We are excited about the prospects for November. We are animated, we are jazzed, and we are enthused and we’re counting down the days. They’re not. I got an e-mail from a guy last night, he said, ‘You know, Rush, you’re looking at Obama the wrong way. We need to thank this guy. We got Ted Kennedy’s seat. We got rid of Evan Bayh. We’re getting rid of all these Democrats all over the place. Barbara Boxer might lose, and this is all because of Obama.’ And I read it, and I said, ‘Yeah, you can’t deny this, this is all true, but is the destruction of the country worth this? Is the fact that it’s going to take 25 years to roll all this back worth all those Democrats losing their careers? I don’t know if anything’s worth that.’ But it’s happened. I mean we can’t put our heads in the sand. It’s happened and it has to be reversed and it has to be dealt with.


RUSH: You know, folks, the Democrats only have the black vote because they have rewritten history, and they have to rewrite current events to whip African-Americans up again to get out the votes in November. Our caller is exactly right. You know Marc Morial, former mayor of New Orleans, who is now at the National Urban League? Marc Morial, the Reverend Sharpton, Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP met with Obama ‘as the administration and Congress tried to craft a jobs agenda to address high unemployment in the black community’ back in February. What happened? Unemployment among blacks has only gotten worse since February.

So in February it wasn’t the tea party that was the problem. It was Obama and his agenda, and Ben Jealous and Sharpton and Marc Morial met with Obama and members of Congress, ‘Hey, hey, you know, you were elected president here and you promised us 40 mules and an acre and a unicorn, and you haven’t delivered anything here. It’s about time you start thinking of us. We supported you. What’s happened?’ Now all of a sudden it’s the tea party’s problem, and so now Ben Jealous says they had signs, ‘Lynch Obama. Lynch Eric Holder’? You know, when they shout ‘Racist!’ that’s just another way the left says, ‘Shut up!’ That’s all they’re doing. When they call you a racist, they’re trying to get you to shut up — and let’s not forget, friends, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a proud and honored member of the NAALCP.

Here’s Neil in Dallas. Neil, you’re up on the EIB Network. Nice to have you here, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s good to talk to you, my man.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Well, I tell you what, Rush. That Wolf Blitzer you’re doing is hilarious, man. You gotta keep it up.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. Well, it’s funny!

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: You know, Wolf’s funny. The guy is. He’s having an orgasm over Castro showing up on television.

CALLER: You’re hilarious. I’ll tell you about the tea party, man. You know, all this is a racist thing, man, on both sides, Rush.

RUSH: No, it’s not.

CALLER: Come on, let’s face it. It’s all about race.

RUSH: Neil, do you really think so? I don’t think that. The tea party is not about racism.

CALLER: Rush, you might as well bring Charles Manson back.

RUSH: You myself well bring…?

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Neil, come on.

CALLER: That’s what he wanted to do.

RUSH: Manson wanted to do what?

CALLER: He wanted to start a race war. He wanted to show whites how it’s done. Have you forgotten?

RUSH: Um, I wasn’t aware that anybody in that house that was murdered was black.

CALLER: Helter Skelter.

RUSH: But what does this have to do with the tea party?

CALLER: Helter Skelter. Rush, if you divide us up… Okay, coming in November we’re going to have an election, right? We have to come up with something that divides the other from the other. So politically speaking, you have to start them… If Obama wants the black votes, then he has to put it where black people will be more on his side, and so it all stems on political expedience.

RUSH: Why? Wait a second, Neil. Why does he have to do that? Why does…? It’s only been a year and of. Why does Obama need black people on his side all of a sudden? Why aren’t they all still on his side.

CALLER: I’m a black man. We’re all going to be on his side. You know why? Because we figure that no one else wants him. Then to get the white votes that he wants he has to put —

RUSH: Wait, wait. Wait a second.

CALLER: To get the white votes he wants, Rush, he has to put white people against black people. That’s the way the government is running now.

RUSH: Uhhh, you know, I’m not sure I’m following you here. Obama…? If you’re saying Obama has to pit people against each other, yeah, but that’s not ’cause he’s black, it’s because he’s a liberal. And that’s what liberals do, is pit groups of people against one another.

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