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RUSH: Michelle (My Belle) Obama at the NAALCP yesterday complained about crumbling schools, complained about dessert, praised the founders, not of the country, the founders of the NAALCP. And she urged even greater intensity on the part of African-Americans. I’m sure many of you are shocked to hear this because many of you expected the country to be at the end of racism, and bigotry, discrimination, with the election of our first black president. We were supposed to be postracial and postpartisan. But now we got the New Black Panthers talking about killing cracker babies, not being condemned by anybody, by the way, at the levels of the regime. Michelle (My Belle) Obama at the NAALCP doing the keynote urging greater intensity. Something’s not right. Shouldn’t these people be happier than ever? I’m being serious. For the first time in over 200 years a black man runs the country, his wife, a black woman, is first lady. Nobody ever thought that day would happen, certainly not 20 or 30 years ago, and here it has happened, and yet the rancor, the anger, the outrage, the divisions in the country are greater than ever.

Why is this happening? Why is there not optimism and happiness? If not happiness, why not contentment? Why not a sense of accomplishment and achievement? It is a major achievement for the country and for the Obamas. Why the anger? Why the balled-up fists? Why the rage? Why the continual and widening gap and divisions of people in this country both racially, ethnically, sexual orientation, whatever, we are a divided nation. People are losing faith in The Messiah, the first messiah that I’m aware of who has had less than 50% approval from the flock. Most messiahs get a hundred percent approval from the flock. This messiah is down below 50% now, which is not a good sign for his Second Coming in November. And Obama himself ought to be outraged, he should be furious. He didn’t spend a trillion dollars to end up having disgruntled foot soldiers. He wanted disgruntled Republicans, but he didn’t want a bunch of angry foot soldiers on his side after spending a trillion dollars.


RUSH: Michelle (My Belle) Obama yesterday, Kansas City, Missouri, where, yes, a blind hooker is still working the streets. That’s how tough times are. First Obama goes in there, the NAALCP with its convention, Michelle (My Belle) keynotes it, and a blind prostitute spotted still working the streets. You really have to hand it to her. Here’s Michelle (My Belle.)

MICHELLE: When so many of our children still attend crumbling schools, and a black child is still far more likely to go to prison than a white child, I think the founders of this organization would agree that our work is not yet done. (applause) When African-American communities are still hit harder than just about anywhere by this economic downturn and so many families are just barely scraping by, I think the founders would tell us that now is not the time to rest on our laurels.

RUSH: Well, you know, who’s president? Who’s first lady? How come these black communities are still hit harder than anywhere else? Why is that, how can that happen with you guys in charge? By the way, Mrs. Obama, you’re really ticking a lot of people off here complaining about crumbling schools. We have spent millions, Mrs. Obama, on buildings. The stimulus was for shovel-ready jobs to rebuild infrastructure, school buildings. Besides, my grandfather was educated in a one-room school and got a great education. That’s not the problem. I wonder, my friends, if Michelle Obama would be surprised to learn that the three primary founders of the NAACP were white?


RUSH: The birth of the NAALCP, founders of the NAALCP were white, Mary White Ovington, journalist William English Walling and Henry Moskowitz. Met in New York City January 1909 in what is credited to be the original meeting that led to the founding of the NAACP. They were all white, and they were all socialists. It wasn’t until later that W.E.B. DuBois from Harvard and others were brought in. Even so, the majority of the founders of the NAACP, later to become the NAALCP, were white. Now, wait ’til media hears this. That will really send ’em up.


RUSH: I can tell by the look on the faces of my staff that they do not believe me when I say the NAACP was founded primarily by three white people. By the way, the three white people who founded the NAACP were ‘people of property,’ which is how Obama described the founders of this country, as ‘people of property.’ Of course what Obama meant when he said that the founders were people of property and wealth, he just meant they remember a bunch of white guys — rich white guys who got ticked off about having to pay their taxes and that’s why they wanted independence in the first place. That’s what Obama thinks. It goes all the way back to the founding by a bunch of rich white guys, a bunch of slave owners. They didn’t like paying taxes on tea, so they founded the country. That’s who found the country.

Greetings, my friends. El Rushbo behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Telephone number, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com. ‘The Race Riot of 1908 in Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield, Illinois had highlighted the urgent need for an effective civil rights organization in the U.S. This event is often cited as the catalyst for the formation of the NAACP. Mary White Ovington, journalist William English Walling and Henry Moscowitz met in New York City in January 1909 and the NAACP was born. Solicitations for support went out to more than 60 prominent Americans, and a meeting date was set for February 12, 1909. This was intended to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Abraham Lincoln, who emancipated enslaved African Americans. While the meeting did not take place until three months later, this date is often cited as the founding date of the organization. The NAACP was founded on February 12, 1909 by a diverse group composed of [W.E.B.] Du Bois, Ida B. Wells, Archibald Grimké, Henry Moscowitz, Mary White Ovington, Oswald Garrison Villard, William English Walling (the last son of a former slave-holding family), and Florence Kelley, a social reformer and friend of Du Bois,’ and they were the majority white. They were people of property and they were all socialists. They were all agitators.


Michelle (My Belle) tells blacks to ‘increase intensity’ at the NAALCP convention. Michelle Obama tells blacks to ‘increase intensity.’ Jeremiah Wright was her pastor, too. Let us not forget. She sat in the pew at that church next to her husband and with her children for 20 years. Michelle (My Belle) Obama listened to the sermons of Jeremiah Wright. What does this mean when you tell blacks to ‘increase intensity’? Is she talking to the New Black Panthers? Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is the sound bite in question yesterday in Kansas City at the NAALCP convention.

MICHELLE: When stubborn inequalities still persist in education and health, in income and wealth, I think those founders would urge us to increase our intensity and to increase our discipline and our focus and keep fighting for a better future for our children and our grandchildren.

RUSH: Man, I… (sigh) The founders, again, I point out with a smile on my face were white socialists and people of property. They need ‘to increase our focus, our intensity, our discipline to keep fighting for a better future for our children’? Everybody’s doing that, and it’s just been made tougher because of your husband’s election. I want to know who the opponent is here. This is something that needs to be clarified. It’s a great question. ‘When stubborn inequalities still persist…’ How can that be? You just got elected first lady! ‘When stubborn unequalities persist in education, health, income, and wealth, I think those founders,’ the three white people that founded the NAACP ‘would urge us to increase our intensity, to increase our discipline, our focus, keep fighting for a better future for our children, our…’

Who’s the enemy here? Who’s the opponent? Who is the opponent that Ms. Obama refers to here? The founders of the country were rebelling against the King. Now to Barack Obama the founders were just a bunch of white guys, rich white guys who had land and property and they didn’t like being taxed by the king so they said, ‘To hell with this! We’re going to form our own country where we don’t pay any taxes.’ That’s how Obama views the founding of the country. Okay, who is the opponent here, Ms. Obama? Who is it against whom you must ratchet up intensity and focus and discipline? Who is it, Mrs. Obama, who is denying a better future for your children and grandchildren? Who has their boot on the necks of your children and grandchildren? Name this person, or name these people. Who is it refusing to permit your children and grandchildren a better future? Against whom must this new intensity be waged?


RUSH: Aren’t most of us — well, not to say at this point in time, aren’t most of you working for a better future for your children and your grandchildren? Is this something exclusive to specific groups of Americans, or are we all not doing that? And who in fact has made it more difficult? Who has put more obstacles in the way of all of you who work for a better future for your children and grandchildren? I would say it’s Mrs. Obama’s husband and his regime. One more sound bite from Miss Obama before we go to the phones, also from the NAALCP convention yesterday.

MICHELLE: How about replacing all of that soda and those sugary drinks with water? Kids won’t like it at first, trust me, but they’ll grow to like it. Or deciding that they don’t get dessert with every meal, as I tell my kids, dessert is not a right, or they don’t get it every day. Or just being more thoughtful about how we prepare our food, baking instead of frying. I know. Don’t shoot me. And cutting back on those portion sizes.

RUSH: So after Michelle (My Belle) gets through trashing America she then starts telling everybody what to eat. Dessert is not a right. It’s also none of your business. It’s none of your business whether people bake or whether people fry or feed their kids dessert. What are you doing telling people anyway? Haven’t you already decided parents are no good at this and you’re going to start feeding people at school all day, every day, 365, what’s the difference? Don’t let ’em drink soda, drink water, they’ll like it, they may not like it at first. Look, folks, I understand the role of parents here, but Michelle (My Belle) is not your mother, certainly not mine, and she’s not your kids’ mother, and she’s not your kids’ grandmother. I remember when my brother and I were very young. It might have been nine or ten, could have been 11 or 12, I’m not sure, but we were young. We were both huge baseball fans. Growing up in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, we’d go up to St. Louis, our parents would take us to a Cardinals baseball game, and on rare occasions we would go to Stan Musial’s restaurant. Stan Musial’s Biggie’s Restaurant.

I remember one year we went before spring training started, it was sometime in February, my dad had to be up there for a business meeting so he took the family to Stan Musial and Biggie’s, and Stan Musial was there. And he walked through the restaurant, came by, we said hello and asked him when the spring training games would start being broadcast on the radio. He said March 12th. They had not yet gone to St. Petersburg which is where the Cardinals trained then. Then my brother and I ordered hamburgers. They brought the hamburger out and I bit into it, it had a lot of pepper in it, much more pepper than I liked. So I said to my mother, ‘There’s too much pepper in it.’ Now, my mother, knowing of my profound respect and idolatry of Stan Musial, did not want me thinking ill of Stan Musial, so she said to me — and I always thought that this was really brilliant — she said to me, ‘He knows you’ll like it this way when you get older.’ As though Musial personally was in charge of the amount of pepper in the burger, and even though you don’t like it now, when you become an adult, he knows this is how you’ll like it. That’s how she was making sure I didn’t get mad at Stan ‘The Man.’ I look back, I didn’t at the time realize it, I thought she was full of beans, but as I got older and look back on it that’s the kind of parental eating advice I’ve never forgotten.

We didn’t send it back and get a different one, she said, ‘No, this is the way he prepares it, you should eat it this way because this is the way he knows you’re going to like it when you become an adult.’ There’s no way my mother woulda gotten up and walked — (interruption) I do. I do. Well, you know, of course as we age our taste buds dull. But, yeah, absolutely she was right. I do like more pepper in the burger than I did when I was a child. But my mother would no more get up in that restaurant or anybody else’s restaurant, run around at every table and preach to people what they were eating. ‘You know, that apple pie, that’s not a right.’ That’s none of your business. They would not do that. But these people in effect do the same thing. They get up in conventions and they start legislating, mayor of New York or whoever, what we can and can’t eat, when it’s none of their business.

Samantha in Cincinnati, you’re first as we start on the phones today on the EIB Network. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a pleasure to talk with you today.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: You know, I wanted to mention, I had a comment about Michelle Obama’s comments to the NAACP. You know, the gall and ignorance of this woman who gets up and talks about crumbling schools, equality in education, you’re right, Rush, she need look no further than her husband to see who’s got their boot on the necks of her kids and grandkids.

RUSH: Absolutely.

CALLER: Because Obama, his administration, and this Democrat Congress refuse to reauthorize and fund the DC voucher scholarship program that was not only an overwhelming success, but saved taxpayers millions, and instead, they refused to reauthorize the program, enslaving these children back to the NEA plantation that is DC public schools.

RUSH: That’s a great point because these were minority students and their parents wanted to send their kids to Sidwell Friends and other schools like this, the vouchers paid for it, their test scores were through the roof, the education was something they enjoyed, the parents were proud of it, and Obama killed it, precisely for the reason that you say. He had to be loyal to the unions.

CALLER: Well, you know, Rush, I tell you, the race discussion here in America is getting to a tipping point. Because, like you, Rush, I was never wired to think about race or consider race in any given situation. But never in my life has it been thrown up in my face than it has over the last two, three years. And I’m tired of it. I hear liberals call shows, your show, they talk about Jim Crow laws, they talk about slavery. Do they understand, Rush — I think they went to the same schools, I think they went to DC schools — do they understand that it was Republicans that repealed laws like the fugitive slave act? Do they understand history? No wonder Obama wants to keep them enslaved so he can keep ’em stupid and slaves to the National Education Association. Vouchers and competition and school choice give us equality in education, nothing else.

RUSH: Brilliantly stated. All they want to do is complain. All they want to do is have the argument. All they want to do is continue to paint the picture of inequality. What Michelle Obama’s purpose there was, was agitating that crowd. The last thing that Michelle wants or Jesse Jackson wants or Sharpton wants is a happy constituency. The last thing they want is people thinking the battle has been won. The last thing they want is people looking at the future brightly in the era of race. People ought to ask themselves, all this was supposed to end. We’ve now crossed a major threshold and milestone. We have the first African-American president in the nation’s history. Why is there so much rancor on the left? You don’t hear anybody on the right complaining about the racial makeup of this administration. We’re all talking about policies, be it Eric Holders, or the NASA guy, or the budget people, or Obama himself, we’re focused on the destructive policies. The color of their skin doesn’t matter. But the color of skin is the focal point of everybody on the left. Why are they not happy by this? Why have they not been made happy by the stunning achievement, the milestone that’s been reached? The question answers itself. Happiness isn’t the objective. Contentment, neither.


RUSH: This is Vinny. I always love it when I get a guy from the Bronx named ‘Vinny’ on the phone. Vinny, welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thank you, great one. It’s great to listen to you every day.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: It really doesn’t surprise me in the least that Michelle Obama would say the things that she’s saying at the NAACP. Racism, above all — and you’ve said this many times — is a business of certain people, and the payoff is power. Rush, this is what the decade of liberalism and a hyphenated society create: A so-called majority made up of so-called minority victims that relish that very role. This is nothing more than Obama queuing up the vote in November, plain and simple.

RUSH: Exactly. You know what he’s doing? He’s stirring up anger. You know, it came out, Vinny, during the confirmation hearings for Sonia Sotomayor that one of the things that animated her during her education period is she was angry. She was angry at Princeton, just like Michelle (My Belle) was angry. They were angry when there. They used their anger. Even if they had to fake it, they used their anger to get what they wanted, to express their dissatisfaction with the system, and they’re trying to stoke that very same angry. Obama said in one of his books that one of his great regrets was that he missed the civil rights movement. Well, he’s trying to recreate it, apparently.

CALLER: You know, Rush, like your last caller — and I really take no joy in saying this, but — the anger I feel at this time in my life at what’s going on in this country, it cannot be understated. But that anger has really in fact turned into a time of desperation for me, especially as November looms. I suspect millions of others who feel as I do that this is our one and only chance, possibly, to wrest our country back what we see happening before our very eyes.

RUSH: I don’t think you’re alone at all. Not that you said you are, but in fact, I think a lot of Americans (sigh) share the same emotional frustration and anxiety, and a lot of people do have anger. They don’t like to seet his. Nobody wants to sit around and see their country torn apart. However it happens.

CALLER: No. (phone melt noise)

RUSH: Economically, spiritually, racially, nobody wants to see this, and yet here it is happening. We got Harry Reid today. Let me get the story. ‘Reid: I Wish Obama were More Confrontational with the GOP — [He] told the Las Vegas Sun’s Jon Ralston Friday that there have been times in the past year and a half when he wished President Obama were more confrontational with Republicans. ‘I think that he is on many occasions — I shouldn’t say on many occasions, on a few occasions — I think he should have been more firm with those on the other side of the aisle,’ said Reid. ‘He is a person who doesn’t like confrontation. He’s a peacemaker. And sometimes I think you have to be a little more forceful. And sometimes I don’t think [Obama] is enough with the Republicans.” What’s the point? The Republicans have no power anywhere. The regime’s had all the votes they need to get whatever they wanted. This is about free speech. He wants Obama to shut these people up. That’s what he wants. You still there Vinny or did we lose you in that phone melt? I wonder what the hell happened there. There was a genuine phone melt. You heard that? Imagine what it sounded like to you given what sounded like to me. Vinny, thanks for the call. Appreciate it.

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