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RUSH: Here’s Brad Sherman, by the way, the hapless Democrat from California who had never heard of the New Black Panther Party. This is last Sunday in Reseda, California, during a town hall meeting. This is the nuts and bolts of the whole point.

SHERMAN: I am extremely sure that we do not have a policy at the Department of Justice of never prosecuting a black defendant —

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Yes, you do! (crowd shouts)

SHERMAN: I’m sure may say that somewhere on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. The — as to the Black Panther Party, I’m simply not aware of that case. (crowd erupts in shouts and boos)

RUSH: They’re booing him there. They’re booing him now. This was last Sunday. So he comes out yesterday says, ‘I never heard of this case because the media I look at, it was never reported.’ Now, we know this because J. Christian Adams, one of the line attorneys prosecuting the New Black Panthers, among them King Samir Shabazz, he of killing white cracker babies fame, said that it was a slam-dunk case, and we know it’s a slam-dunk case because we’ve seen the video of the voter intimidation in Philadelphia in 2008. Now, J. Christian Adams has not just appeared on Fox News and other talk radio outlets. He has testified before the US Commission on Civil Rights, which is a governmental panel, and the Democrat congressman, Brad Sherman, the hapless Brad Sherman from California, did not even know that J. Christian Adams had said what he had said, did not know that he resigned, did not know that he was testifying before the US Commission on Civil Rights pointing all this out.

It was J. Christian Adams, the whistleblower, who said he was told this Department of Justice is not going to pursue black defendants. In addition to that, he pointed out he was also told that section 8 of the Motor Voter law was not going to be pursued. That requires voter registration rolls to be purged of the dead, the duplicates, people who moved out of state. He was told by a female Department of Justice lawyer, (paraphrasing) ‘No, no, no, we’re for inclusion here, not exclusion, we’re not going to get rid of dead people and people who have moved.’ So he said, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ He quit. He’s got a private practice, is now a blogger. If you go to Google News and search New Black Panthers you get 222 results. Go check Rush Limbaugh, George Steinbrenner and see how many hundreds of thousands you get. I’m serious. Do ‘Rush Limbaugh Steinbrenner cracker,’ whatever search term you want to use, see how many hits you get, how many different results. H.R. just did it, 151,000. You go to Google News and search ‘Limbaugh Steinbrenner cracker,’ 151,000 different stories about it. The New Black Panther Party, 222 stories searching Google News.

In less than one second a Lindsay Lohan search produces 16,100 results. I had media calling me today — well, e-mailing, ‘Would you like to clarify your remarks?’ I said, ‘Clarify what? Would you like to clarify the way you’re reporting this? Did you actually hear me say any of this?’ Okay, so now that Brad Sherman, the hapless Brad Sherman from California is aware that the race-based policies of the Department of Justice are not something on the Internet but is based in sworn, under-oath testimony, I assume that Brad Sherman, Democrat, California, will think it’s just as crazy as if it came off the Internet and Brad Sherman will speak out against Department of Justice policy now. Now that he knows it’s true, just because his media didn’t report it, but now he knows sworn testimony, the New Black Panther case was trashed because the DOJ does not want to pursue black defendants I’m sure he’ll demand action on this now, as an American, as a Democrat, as a member of Congress. In fact, Brad Sherman has announced that he’s gonna write a stiff letter, whatever that is, to Eric Holder.

A LeBron James search in less than one second on Google produces 24,500 results. The New Black Panthers, 222 results. What was the number you got for me, Rush Limbaugh Steinbrenner cracker, 151,000, ten times the hits of Lindsay Lohan. Five times that of LeBron James. Welcome to the new America. Brad Sherman, we’ll wait to read your stiff letter to Eric Holder now that you know what your media is failing to tell you.

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