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RUSH: You know what the Democrats are finding here, folks? That it’s a lot easier to destroy than it is to build. They wanted this recession. The Democrat Party made this recession and now they’re finding out they can’t manage it. It’s a lot easier to start a recession than it is to end one and get out of one, and now they’re starting to get nervous. They might even be wanting daddy, the GOP, to fix it for them because they haven’t the slightest idea. They know how to destroy. But they can’t fix. They’re lost.


RUSH: Democrats… I’m going to say this again. They’re finding out it’s a lot easier to destroy the economy than it is to fix it, and make no mistake: They are the ones who broke the economy. In 2007, George W. Bush’s final budget deficit was $161 billion. Barack Obama? The national debt has risen $2.4 trillion in the 500 days since Obama was immaculated. That’s an average of nearly $5 billion per day. That’s what the Democrats have done since January of 2007. And they are finding out, it’s easy to break things — and as General Powell once said, ‘You break it, you own it.’ They own this. They made this recession, but they don’t know how to manage it. They don’t know how to fix it. It’s a lot easier to start a recession than it is to end one, and now they’re getting nervous. This is why the Democrats are so panicked, ladies and gentlemen. They are so crazed, they have the audacity… The regime today says that they have ‘saved or created’ three million jobs. Think about how deranged or delusional that is. We know for a fact that just last month alone 652,000 people gave up looking for work, and they want to try to tell us they’ve ‘created or saved’ three million jobs? So liberalism, leftists, they know how to destroy. They know how to tear down. But they have no clue how to build back. They can’t even manage their own disasters. They made their debt, let them lie in it.


RUSH: And continuing around a theme that the Democrats are in a world of hurt, that they’re confused, that they are clueless. They know how to tear down, they know how to destroy, but they can’t manage what they have destroyed, and they can’t build, they can’t rebuild, they can’t grow, they are clueless, they know not what they’re doing. They can’t even manage the destruction that they have wrought. The Washington Post, Dana Milbank: ‘Are Democrats Painting Themselves as the Lesser of the Evils? — It would not be accurate to say that Democrats are worried about losing control of the House in November. It would be accurate to say that Democrats are in a screaming panic about losing control of the House in November.’ Democrats are in a screaming panic. Steny Hoyer: It’s a difficult argument to make, saying it ‘would have been worse,’ but that’s all they’ve got. It woulda been worse if we hadn’t done the stimulus, it would have been worse. That’s all they got, that and bashing Bush. It could have been worse. They have to lie. That they created three million jobs, or saved ’em, or what have you. They are in a screaming panic.

And this is the CBS poll again: ‘Americans Say Bad Economy Will Linger.’ Job approval, Obama, 44%. I don’t think Obama gives two hoots about personal popularity. He does within his inner circle. When I say liberals, I’m talking about these acne zit-faced little kids that populate their websites. They’re the ones that want to be loved. They’re the ones that want to be popular. They’re the ones who want their ideas to bring about utopian panacea. These are the people who want to have the wonders of life without having to work for them. They’re not happy and people don’t like ’em, and people don’t like their leader. Their leader will throw them overboard and Democrats in the House and Democrats in the Senate to stay the leader. That’s the way regimes operate.

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