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RUSH: True in Atlantic City. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how you doing? This is True. I’m from Atlantic City.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Oh, man, mega dittos to you, big fan since the Justice Thomas hearings, and I’ve been a Reagan conservative since I was 13-year-old when he got elected.

RUSH: Way to go, my brother, way to go.

CALLER: And it’s a hard road to walk because I’m walking it alone in my community.

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: But I wanted to get to your point about the Black Panthers and the NAACP. I asked my friends because I’m always in battles with them about conservatism and liberalism, and I asked them, ‘Well, if these guys were skinheads, do you think the DOJ and the NAACP would have gone nuts?’ And they said, ‘Well, yeah.’ I said, ‘Well, what is the difference?’ And they said, ‘Well, the difference is, you know, these are white guys who are defendants of the oppressors.’ And I said, ‘If you’re demanding fairness and equality, then you’re supposed to give it also. You’re supposed to demand fairness and equality, you need to be giving that. You don’t want special treatment. So if you want special treatment then you’re not being equal.’

RUSH: What did they say to this? You’re absolutely right. What do they say to this, True?

CALLER: They hark back to the whole Jim Crow segregation, yada yada yada thing.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: You know, but the argument —

RUSH: That’s how they’ve been raised.

CALLER: — if any American is being mistreated —

RUSH: True.

CALLER: — then we’re all being mistreated.

RUSH: That’s how they’ve been raised and educated, that they’re entitled to a lifetime of redress because of the original sin of slavery. I remember asking way, way back in the seventies when affirmative action first hit, it was called quotas, and this was being done to make amends for past transgressions, and I would ask civil rights leaders back then, I was in radio, ‘Well, when does this end? Who’s going to say, ‘Okay, there has been enough redress here and we have made up for past transgressions and now everything’s equal,’ when are you guys going to say that reverse discrimination has made things equal?’ And they said, ‘Oh, never. Never. This is not going to end.’ And the guys that give you a tough time when you talk to them about this, that’s what they’ve been taught to believe, that’s how they’ve been raised.


RUSH: To the audio sound bites we return. ‘Malik Zulu Shabazz,’ born Paris Lewis in Los Angeles some time ago. This is March 22nd of 2002. During a New Black Panther Party meeting, chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz spoke. You will hear occasional shouts here from the audience, but this is Malik Zulu Shabazz defending Saddam Hussein.

MALIK ZULU SHABAZZ: Yes he made a strategic mistake in the invasion of Kuwait strategically, even though Kuwait is a part of Iraq. But, I don’t see him bowing today. I don’t see him coming out kissing America’s ring. I don’t see him kissing Bush’s ring today and that’s a rarity in the Muslim world, in the Arab world. They are targeting him with all kind of weapons of mass destruction. I don’t see him bowing! We want to expose the big lie tonight. ‘Weapons of mass destruction’ is the biggest lie out on the Earth.

RUSH: And he continued…

MALIK ZULU SHABAZZ: Poor little Saddam Hussein. Probably got two cans of Raid. (laughter) Two cans of roach spray and some chemical bathroom cleaner over there in Iraq. But he’s alleged to have weapons of mass destruction. May I remind you of Hiroshima? Eighty thousand killed instantly. I want to ask you who has the weapons of mass destruction? They dropped a bomb on Nagasaki; 84,000 killed instantly, 160,000 total. I want to ask you: Who possesses the weapons of mass destruction? Huh? Who is the real threat to peace and stability on the Earth?

RUSH: You are listening to Malik Zulu Shabazz, the chairman of the New Black Panther Party March 22nd, 2002, sounding just like your average day Democrat, spewing Democrat Party talking points. Here he praises Bin Laden.

MALIK ZULU SHABAZZ: Let’s talk about this brother. He’s a boooold man. Sheik Usama bin Laden.


MAN: That’s right.

MALIK ZULU SHABAZZ: Mr. Bin Laden. Gotta give him his respect.

MAN: Got to!

MALIK ZULU SHABAZZ: He’s not bowing down. He ain’t cutting a tap dance.

FOLLOWERS: (cheering)

MAN: Come on, boy!

MALIK ZULU SHABAZZ: Mr. Bin Laden is standing up. There’s a man born over in Arabia, and he’s bringing reform. Mr. Bin Laden? We’re not supposed to say these things about him. I thought I had free speech. He is a Muslim that is standing up. ‘Cause when Mr. Bin Laden speaks, he speaks from the Koran. Let’s give him a hand, man.

FOLLOWERS: (wild applause)

RUSH: So the unfortunately misguided New Black Panther Party gave a hand to Osama Bin Laden.

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