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“I’m in the news every day. All I have to do is breathe and I am in the news.”

“Here’s how bad things are for the left and the American media. All they have to complain about, the best they can come up with is to pretend that they are offended by clever comments made by me about a wildly successful fellow capitalist, George Steinbrenner, who, up until now, has been despised by the American left.”

“Obama’s approval numbers are plummeting all based on the economy. It’s getting to the point now that the Drive-By Media cannot even ignore that story.”

“We’ve got the regime suing the state of Arizona to inflame racial tension, where none need exist in order to pick up a few votes this November.”

“It has been a year and a half and finally the president of the United States of America has had something critical to say about Al-Qaeda. And what is it? They’re a bunch of racist terrorists because they blew up a bomb in Uganda.”

“Barack Obama got elected due to his ability to tell Americans to go to hell in such a way where a majority of them actually looked forward to the trip.”

“We — you and I — are living through the pathetic death throes of socialism as a viable political philosophy.”

“You can see it through the news wherever you look. The Democrats are in a tizzy about the options they have in November. They are very unsettled.”

“Come November Harry Reid’s wife is in danger, because he claims that unemployed guys tend to beat their wives up more often than guys who are working.”

“A lot of people think that they can do this. I’ve warned people for 20 years, don’t try this at home. It looks easy, it sounds easy, but when you try it, you admit, what is there to say? That’s what I’m for. I’m here to say it.”

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