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RUSH: Here’s Pelosi this morning at a press conference about the president campaigning for House Democrats in November.

PELOSI: The president is president of the United States. Uh, he has an agenda that he has put forth. We have passed it in the Congress. It’s important for the American people to understand the success of that agenda and the president, of course, is the best, uh, uh, promoter of his agenda. So he will be doing that.

RUSH: (laughing) They’re trying to drive us crazy and I refuse to let them get away with it where I’m concerned. Folks, this is designed to send us to the soft-padded cells. We’re all supposed to be, ‘They’re coming to take us away.’ This is the kind of comment that we’re supposed to pull out what little hair we have left and start shouting, ‘You think we’re stupid?’ Here’s the next bite. She said this about Gibbs, saying that the Republicans could gain seats and maybe even win the House.

PELOSI: I think the comment was unfortunate, but it is not to take us from the path that we are on for job creation, and if you want to go to the political place, the excellent job that our chairman is doing. We have a solid organization on mobilization, on message, on the money — the M’s! — on the management of these campaigns. We fully intend to win. The comment, uh, can be interpreted many ways. I think it was a Rorschach Test.

RUSH: Okay. (chuckles) That’s your Speaker of the House. It’s a Rorschach Test. What Gibbs said, that Republicans, oh, yeah, ‘could win the House,’ that’s a Rorschach test. Or Rorschach test. So, you know, with Pelosi there’s stupid, and then there’s Botox stupid.

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