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RUSH: You know what we do here, folks? It’s a great way to describe what happens here on the EIB Network. We practice preventive journalism much like preventive health care. We provide free political screenings. It doesn’t cost you anything. The State-Controlled Media of the ruling class works 24/7 to make sure the American people are kept totally unaware of the health of their country. The State-Controlled Media of the ruling class ignores the carcinogens of liberalism, the steady indict of platitudes, lies, and distractions from the White House. And believe me, the ruling class is a carcinogen to freedom. The ruling class is a carcinogen, liberalism is. They ignore the cancers in Obama’s legislative achievements. The state-controlled ruling class media’s practice of journalism is the equivalent of medical care in a Third World country. No screenings, no preventive care, no nothing. No surgery. EIB, on the other hand, we practice preventive journalism. El Rushbo, the Doctor of Democracy provides free political screenings five days a week, three hours a day, you don’t need any insurance for it. All you need’s a radio or a computer. EIB preventive journalism.

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