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RUSH: Patrick, I’m glad you called, sir. You’re up first today. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi. How you doing, Rush? Great to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Well, basically, like I was talking to the person I talked to before I talked to you, I really wasn’t a fan yourselves until recently. (child screaming) I voted for Obama and I am now feeling a lot of vote regret, I guess you could say. Within about two weeks I’ve been literally feeling sick to my stomach — and I know a lot of other people have, too — wondering what it is I’ve done. (child screaming) You know, feeling almost like I’ve betrayed my country. Kind of feeling really disillusioned.

RUSH: Why, what happened? What changed your mind?

CALLER: Well, the straw that broke the donkey’s back — what almost broke the donkey’s back — was the BP oil spill and his lackluster response. (child screaming) But what finally broke the camel’s back for me is going into Arizona for just trying to stick up for working citizens of the country, which is something I think has been needed to be done for way over ten years.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, right.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And I think that kind of ties in with what you were just saying about how they despise the working class and working people.

RUSH: Yeeees, it does. Exactly right. The ruling class doesn’t think the country class knows what’s good for it, and if the country class dares challenge the ruling class on where it’s going, it’s going to be sued.

CALLER: Pretty much. What do they expect us to all do? We all know we can’t be in the financial market. We tried that. That’s how we got in this meltdown. Everybody was trying to sell insurances and mortgages and real estate and not really actually doing anything.

RUSH: Right. Now, in all of this, you said that you disliked me, but now you’ve changed your mind. What caused that to happen, by the way? What caused to you change your mind about me?

CALLER: (chuckles) I put a radio on my kitchen counter and I listened to you, and actually I started to despising… I used to watch Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews but I pretty much despise them now because I think they’re totally full of it, because they say they’re trying to defend middle-class families and working people and union workers yet they support all the illegal immigrants —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — which seems to me completely destroys the other. I don’t see how you can do that. (child screaming) The numbers are simple. There’s 15 million illegal aliens and 14 million Americans out of work? Let’s do a swap. Huh-huh.

RUSH: Exactly.

CALLER: It’s pretty clear —

RUSH: And you don’t see the ruling class —

CALLER: Obviously a lot of these jobs will have to pay a little more money in this, that, and the other. It all has to be worked out, but Americans need to do the work. I find it insulting, frankly, that they act like we’re not.

RUSH: Right, but you look around and you don’t see the ruling class showing even any concern about the people of Arizona and what they’re going through. They don’t show any concern for the people who are unemployed. They continue, in fact, to attack Republicans for not extending unemployment compensation benefits. And Scott Brown, God bless him. Scott Brown, Ted Kennedy’s replacement in the Senate, the guy that won from the Republican Party in January, has come up with an alternative plan, as a Republican, to extend unemployment compensation benefits. And the Senate Democrats won’t hear of it. They won’t even talk to him about it. And poor old Scott Brown is saying, ‘Why is it that I’m always the one that has to vote with the Democrats?’ I’m not making this up. It’s somewhere here in my Stack of Stuff.

Scott Brown asks: Why am I always the guy having to compromise with the Democrats? Mr. Brown, this question has been posed by me and people like me for 20 years. Why is it in this bipartisanship business that the only compromise is Republicans agreeing with Democrats? Well, the reason is simple, Mr. Brown: The ruling class is liberalism, the ruling class is the Democrat Party, and the ruling class does not compromise. You — if you want to be in the ruling class, Mr. Brown, you — are going to have to compromise. You are going to have to change. In fact, you’re going to have to apologize in a number of different ways for winning Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, because the ruling class doesn’t look at it as a Senate seat from the state of Massachusetts. Nor does it look at it as the Scott Brown seat.

The ruling class looks at your seat as the Ted Kennedy seat, and you have committed a great sin by securing it. Now, you can atone for this, but it’s gonna require, Mr. Brown, that you do a number of different things. You’re going to have to sell out the Republican Party or conservatism. You’re going to have to have nothing to do with any tea party people down the road, and you are going to have to go along with whatever the ruling class wants you to do in the United States Senate and beyond. Other than that, it’s pretty simple. He actually did say: How come it’s always me? How come I’m the one has to compromise with Democrats? How come they never compromise? (laughs) We’ve been asking this question for 20 years, and we know the answer. You know, this business of seeking acceptance…

I have been on this case for 20 years, and it has always grated on me to see people compromise who they are, sacrifice who they are in order to be accepted by whoever they think are their betters. People that play ‘kiss butt,’ if you know what I mean. People who network. People whose means of advancement is based not on merit, not on achievement, not on accomplishment, but on you know who and what kind of deal you can make, what kind of back you can scratch. You know, this explains why… You know, I will never be embraced by any of these people. The difference is I don’t want to be. If I’m ever embraced by these people, you can count that day as the end of my career. I don’t want to be, but don’t worry: I never will be. But there are people on our side, so-called conservative media, who want to be accepted and who will do anything to compromise their principles, beliefs, and what have you, to be accepted in the ruling class — and that is the power that Washington politics and social structure has over would-be Republicans and conservatives. Reagan fought it. He never did bow down to it.

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