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RUSH: Folks, we’ve put together a montage here. Changing gears here now because we’re going to get to your phone calls after the break coming up and the other items here in the Stack of Stuff, but I have been noticing throughout the ruling class media, the phrase ‘Obama brought us back from the brink.’ It would have been far worse had it not been for Obama. Obama brought us back from the brink. Here is — and it’s a lie — a montage of ruling class media types since last Wednesday.

HARRIS: It seems so long ago that the economy was literally on the brink.

CLIFT: (crosstalk) He brought the economy back from the brink.

KEILAR: Two years ago the U.S. economy being on the brink of collapse.

HARWOOD: helped pull the economy back from the brink.

MENENDEZ: He has managed to get a lot done, saving the economy from the brink.

LOTHIAN: As the President has pointed out it’s been brought back from the brink.

CARLSON: Obama having to regulate the banks, after the banks put all of us on the brink of a economic collapse.

RUSH: By the way, remember the montage we had of the media talking about gravitas, Bush needing to select Cheney to have gravitas on the ticket? They think the same; they act the same; they speak the same; it’s required to be in the ruling class. So here now is another incarnation of this. Obama brought us back from the brink. The next time you hear that, the next time you hear Obama brought us back from the brink, ask yourself, ‘Why can’t he get us over the hump?’

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