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“The state-controlled, ruling class media’s practice of journalism is the equivalent of medical care in a Third World country: no screenings, no preventive care, no nothing.”

“You notice that Trent Lott displays more anger towards the potential new conservative members of the Republican Party than he would ever display towards even the most radical of his Democrat congressional colleagues, who led the charge to get him out of the leadership in the Senate? But he’s been taken care of. He’s now a lobbyist.”

“The next time you hear that Obama brought us ‘back from the brink’, ask yourself, why can’t he get us over the hump?”

“The Democrat ruling class calls the Republicans all these names, hoping to dispirit them, and it works. The Republicans are not going to criticize Obama because they’re scared to death of being called racist.”

“The ruling class is threatened by the private sector. They couldn’t compete with the average successful person in the private sector, and what’s maddening about this is that they have the audacity and the gall to portray themselves as better than us.”

“Would you trust Barack Obama to run anything in your personal life? Would you trust him to run your business? Would you trust Barney Frank? Would you trust Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd? Of course you would not! Who’s running the show, nevertheless?”

“When I hear that somebody’s head got hit by a propeller, I think, ‘Wow, this is not good,’ because people do not get in the way of those things.”

“I don’t know why there’s all this hubbub about jobs anyway. Didn’t Nancy Pelosi say that unemployment compensation benefits are the best job creators out there? I mean, wouldn’t jobs just get in the way?”

“Now, we are taking over the Republican Party, but a lot’s going to depend on the presidential nominee as well. Our battle is as much with those in the Republican Party who defend statism as with the radicals in the Democrat Party.”

“Remain relevant? I am more relevant than ever before! I’m somewhat amazed myself, actually, but it’s true.”

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