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Sam in Brooklyn, I have one minute. I want to get to you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. It’s a pleasure for me to be on your show. I want to ask: What do you say Lindsey Graham supporting Kolana (sic) Kagan?

RUSH: We played Senator Grahamnesty’s sound bite yesterday. It was very deranged. Senator Grahamnesty said he would not have made this appointment but the person who did make the appointment, President Obama, chose wisely. Now, you’re asking me to analyze the deranged. At the very least you’re asking me to analyze something that’s irrational. The best way to understand this, Sam, old buddy, old pal, is to understand here that Senator Grahamnesty is making a play for the ruling class. He simply wants to be accepted in the big clique in Washington. Senator Grahamnesty never got out of high school. He really has taken it tough, whatever happened to him when he was one of the House managers during the Clinton impeachment. He’s been making up for that for years, and he’s groveling, he’s hoping they’ll forgive him. They never will, but this is what happens to you when you leave your integrity at the cloak check.

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