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Rush’s Morning Update: It’s Over
July 22, 2010

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In a drive to promote tourism, the Massachusetts state legislature recently decided to release a list of the top 1,000 tourist attractions. Less than a week later, the Boston Herald reported that some of the sites on the list don’t exist anymore; they’velong been gutted. Others were given incorrect locations or are closed to the public. And there’s this:The “top 1,000”,put together by order of the state legislature?It actually only lists 996 attractions.

What was the reaction from the people tasked with putting together the list? The AP provides a one-sentence response: “Tourism officials acknowledge some mistakes and say they did their best.” That’s it.

You know, once upon a time in America, such a visibly shoddy job would have caused somebody’s head to roll,or at the very least, prompted an embarrassed apology. But this is the new America, where government workers,among others,are almost expected to screw up–no apologies, no accountability.

Normally, this is the kind of story you glance at,then you throw it away. So why am I, El Rushbo,making a big deal out of it? Because “Made in America” should mean something. It used to. It stood for innovation, for quality, craftsmanship,and the work ethic behind it was infused with pride.

When mediocrity and shoddiness become the order of the day,America’s over. If the government can’t even put together an accurate list of its own tourist attractions,how the heckcan it do anything else?Like steer you to the nearest health care clinic? How many of those are going to be open when they get finished?

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