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RUSH: This whole Shirley Sherrod episode, let me try to put this in perspective. It’s about those who produce tape and transcripts versus those who make false accusations and bury stories. It’s about facts versus frauds. Very simple. Now, Andrew Breitbart has produced endless film footage and videotape of government malfeasance in the past year. Andrew Breitbart has essentially done investigative journalism. The Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson’s website, is producing real transcripts of e-mails by so-called journalists who are nothing more than apparatchiks. The Daily Caller is doing journalism. Sean Hannity had the Jeremiah Wright footage on Fox News long before anybody else did. That was journalism. We’ve had published leaked e-mails from phony scientists revealing the deep and widespread fraud that became known as Climategate. We have had real journalism exposing the fraud and the hoax that is global warming. None of these instances have yet to be covered by what we’re all told is the media. The New Black Panthers voter intimidation case, they don’t even know about it. Those who do know about it suppress it.

These e-mails from the Journolist that Tucker Carlson’s website has produced reveal, just like the e-mails from the Hadley climate research unit at the University of East Anglia, a conspiracy to suppress real news, damaging to either Obama or damaging to the global warming cause, or plain old damaging period. What has the left produced? In comparison to all of this, what has the left produced? They have produced phony racist quotes attributed to me in an effort to destroy a business transaction. They have produced phony accusations of racism at tea parties. They have produced phony accusations of racial taunts toward a black congressman on health care Sunday. Fake quotes attributed to me, phony accusations of racism, nonexistent racism at tea parties, nonexistent racial taunts toward a black congressman on health care Sunday. They have ignored and/or buried stories about Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama, and every other member of the ruling class. And let’s not forget Dan Rather’s phony stories about President Bush. And what happens?

It’s just like when Laurence Tribe writes his magnum opus book and we find out he didn’t write it, some assistant named Ron Klain wrote it. Then we find out Ron Klain didn’t write it, he plagiarized it, and then that whole episode was reviewed by the dean at Harvard Law who said there’s nothing here, nothing really went on and now she’s going to be confirmed for the Supreme Court, that’s Elena Kagan. Dan Rather uses forged documents in a story to affect the outcome of an election about George Bush faking or lying about service in the National Guard during the Vietnam War. The documents are proved fake. CBS, to save face, fires Rather. Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings gather with the rest of the apparatchiks in the media and convene an awards ceremony for Dan Rather to protect their own. So what you have here is utterly fake, fraudulent, nonexistent news versus factual, damaging news, the result of real journalism. We have the New Media versus state-run Drive-By propagandist stenographers, apparatchiks for the Democrat Party, so-called elites.

By the way, you have the apparatchiks and then you have the nomenclatura, the nomenclatura, the genuine ruling class, the apparatchiks are the pretenders and the wannabes. They’re on the team and they think they’re going to one day be accepted in the nomenclatura, but they will never be. They’re useful idiots. The nomenclatura, the true ruling elites in the ruling class look at these schlubs in their so-called media and say, ‘Boy, what a bunch of pawns, we got them right where we want.’ But they’re never going to advance, they’re never going to get what they want, they’re never going to be at the World Bank, they’re never going to be at the Council on Foreign Relations, they’re never going to be at these places. They’re never going to be people of genuine power. They’re going to be used. They’re obedient slaves, if you will, who are made to believe that they matter and made to believe that they count in the ruling class. The so-called elites of the ruling class, the scientists, the journalists, the professors, and the politicians, the Four Corners of Deceit, as they have been detailed by me, a parade of smug elitists, collectivists, redistributionists, people who have marginalized professions they inherited, all in the name of bettering the lives of the little people, and they lie in the process. They lie, they smear, and they orchestrate it all.

They do it to control clueless people, clueless peons who don’t know better, who can’t take care of themselves, who don’t know what they want and can’t be trusted with money in their own dirty little hands, people the ruling class don’t know and don’t care to know, bitter clingers, as a grossly under qualified, unaccomplished editor of the Harvard Law Review once called them. By the way, he’s now president. And yet these brilliant micromanagers have to make up facts, they have to engage in false accusations. They have to make promises they don’t intend to keep with money they don’t have in order to get their way. They have disclosed national security secrets. They have promoted accusations that went on for the longest time, re: Valerie Plame, that were not true. They have trashed people who are genuinely effective but who frighten them. Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby. Me. Well, of course me. You can throw me in in all of this. And the reality boils down to this. These elites, be they the apparatchiks or the nomenclatura, they cannot win on facts. Their ideas do not prevail. They are a ruling minority. They rely on lies, union thug enforcers, ACORN crooks, propaganda, they rely on voter fraud. We will see if that’s enough going forward. We will see if it’s enough. The evidence is in that it’s not enough, the evidence is clear they are not fooling a majority of people issue by issue by issue. We’ll see soon enough if they are succeeding in all of the sabotage and subterfuge. We shall see very soon.

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