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“If the NAACP could be so easily wrong about Shirley Sherrod, couldn’t they also be wrong about the tea party?”

“Headline of the story: ‘Liberal Journalist Suggests Government Shut Down Fox News’. I had five people e-mail this to me: ‘Can you believe they want to do this to Fox News?’ And I said, ‘What, it’s no big deal they want me to die? What am I, a potted plant here?'”

“Now, Roland Martin was one of the major apologists for Reverend Wright back during the whole 2008 campaign. Roland Martin is not even qualified enough to be a comedian, yet we can all laugh at him.”

“I don’t think anything epitomizes the Orwellian world of Washington better than the sight that just happened 20 minutes ago: everyone applauding Chris Dodd and Barney Frank during the ‘financial reform’ signing. If we cannot affix blame where it is so blatant, then there will never be any chance for real responsibility in government.”

“I think these leftists are also just jealous that I sold my New York condo at a 125% profit while their houses are worthlessly underwater.”

“You know, you people in the media, you’re just apparatchiks. Apparatchik is a Russian colloquial term; it stands for full time professional functionary of the party or government. So rather than call them media people, let’s just call them apparatchiks, folks.”

“The ruling class doesn’t know — and doesn’t care to know — ‘bitter clingers’, as a grossly under-qualified, unaccomplished editor of the Harvard Law Review once called them. By the way, he’s now president.”

“About ‘financial reform’… Chris Dodd said last Thursday, ‘We don’t know ultimately how well the ideas we’ve incorporated here will achieve the results we desire.’ Now, wouldn’t you love to have your auto mechanic tell you that when he delivers your car after fixing the brakes?”

“I can’t read this story without laughing. Here’s the headline: ‘Police Officer Blasts Innocent Man in Groin With 50,000 Volt Taser by Accident’. The guy’s name is Peter Cox. I would give anything to know his middle name. Johnson? Willie?”

“Algore in a race with Tiger Woods. Who would’ve ever thought that?”

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