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RUSH: Back in the initial days of the oil spill — well, I always take a risk here. In our culture today, folks, it’s a risk to tell the truth. And I said, ‘Yeah, spill is bad, we’d rather not have it happen, but the earth is a magical thing, and this is going to be taken care of. The ocean, the Gulf of Mexico will handle the oil that is leaking into it, that is pouring into it. The problem we’re going to have is if oil gets ashore. That’s when it’s a problem, when it gets into the actual ground itself then you’ve got major cleanup challenges. But out in the Gulf it’s a blip. And, remember, we gave you the stats. Fill a bathtub with water, the amount of oil in that bathtub to equal the spill in the Gulf of Mexico wouldn’t fill a thimble. In fact, it would be infinitesimal. There’s now a graphic that’s out there that shows inside of a football stadium. If the inside of, say, Texas Stadium, or the Superdome were the Gulf of Mexico, the amount of oil that’s leaked so far would be equivalent to a 24-ounce can of beer.

‘Gulf Boats Having Trouble Finding Any Oil: US Official — Some 750 boats drafted in to scoop up oil from the Gulf of Mexico are having ‘trouble’ finding any crude in the sea. … ‘We are starting to have trouble finding oil,’ US point man Admiral Thad Allen, who is in charge of handling the government’s response, told reporters. The boats, which have been drafted in to skim oil off the surface of the Gulf, are ‘really having to search for the oil in some cases’ around the area of the capped well, he added,’ just can’t find it. ‘Allen said some of the boats used in the skimming operations were being brought ashore for repairs, as attention turned more towards cleaning up the oil that has already washed ashore,’ which is what they ought to be focusing on. But now our lead point man cannot even find the oil. They’re out there looking for it, and they can’t find it, and they’re even looking deep. If the Gulf was a football stadium, the Gulf of Mexico is the seventh largest body of water in the world, contains approximately 660 quadrillion gallons of water. That’s 660 with 15 zeros. If the Gulf of Mexico was represented by the Cowboy stadium in Dallas, the largest domed stadium in the world, the amount of oil spilled would be about the size of a 24-ounce can of beer.

Yesterday in Lafayette, Louisiana, there was a rally for economic survival protesting the deepwater drilling moratorium of the Obama regime. Here is Governor Bobby Jindal.

JINDAL: The president of the United States came down here, met with us in person. This is what he told us. He said this to me, he said, ‘Governor, if people lose their jobs because of the moratorium they can file a BP claim.’ (laughter) I said, ‘Mr. President, with all due respect, what if BP doesn’t pay?’ He said, ‘Don’t worry, governor, they can file an unemployment claim.’ I said, ‘With all due respect, Mr. President, our people don’t want a BP check or an unemployment check. We want to go back to work!’ (cheers)

RUSH: Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal taking it to President Obama. We don’t want a check. We don’t want welfare. We don’t want a BP check. We don’t want an unemployment check. We want to work. Here is the second bite from Governor Jindal’s remarks.

JINDAL: They don’t understand in Washington, DC. They literally said to us, the administration said to us, ‘The rigs will just come back.’ The rigs will just come back, like you could turn off and on a switch. They don’t understand, once these rigs go they’re gone for years. In Louisiana alone, we’ll lose 20,000 jobs. Across the Gulf Coast tens of thousands of additional jobs. That’s why today is so important. We need our voices to be heard. We need them to understand if they hear nothing else from us today, they need to hear us say this: let us go back to work. We don’t want a BP check. We don’t want an unemployment check. We want to go back to work powering the American economy.

RUSH: That represents the majority of thinking throughout this country, not just Louisiana, not just down in the Gulf of Mexico. The story on this is from the Advocate Acadiana Bureau: ‘Thousands Protest Drilling Moratorium at Rally — Thousands attended a rally in Lafayette Wednesday aimed at convincing the Obama administration to lift the federal offshore drilling moratorium, which officials said could further endanger the state through the loss of tens of thousands of jobs. The ‘Rally for Economic Survival’ was held at the Cajundome and drew about 11,000 people, some dressed in their oil industry uniforms, others in shirts bearing messages of ‘Drill Baby Drill’ and ‘No Moratorium.’ … Lt. Gov. Scott Angelle served as master of ceremonies and fired up an already lively crowd, proclaiming that ‘it is time to quit punishing innocent American workers to achieve some unrealistic political agenda.” If I’m not mistaken he’s a Democrat. Jindal, of course, is a Republican, and ‘one of 12 speakers at the two-hour event, pleaded with President Barack Obama to ‘let our people work.’ The rally was in opposition to the Obama administration’s ongoing efforts to temporarily block deep-water drilling.’

Anybody doubt that this is purposeful? Anybody doubt the aim here is to cause harm? Now, have you seen much about this rally? Have you seen much about this in the so-called media? No. But imagine if this rally had been an anti-drilling event? Imagine if 11,000 people had shown up for an anti-drilling event. Americans forced out of work by a regime hostile to nonunion workers is what’s going on here. If this story had agreed with the media and agreed with the Obama regime template, it would have been all over the news last night and today. Instead, Americans will hear a federal bureaucrat was fired because conservatives are racist.

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