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RUSH: Gene in Richmond, Virginia, you’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello, sir.

CALLER: (garbled cell connection) Hello. (Garbled) called worse. (Garbled) argue with right, and you’re right, and the millions of your listeners know the passion that you speak with, know the honesty of which you speak, 98.6% correct. You wish, we wish that none of our representatives would speak with that kind of passion, that kind of honesty, that kind of simplicity about our country. So that we don’t — if we don’t get involved with the tea parties, if we don’t get involved with our local groups — then the destruction by design will go on, will go through.

RUSH: If I might jump to the defense of some of these Republicans that you want to hear some passion from, well, let me give you some names of Republicans from whom you do be hear passion. Michele Bachmann. Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona. Sarah Palin. What happens to them? What happens to ’em? It’s understandable that the ruling class will go after ’em because the ruling class is threatened precisely by those kinds of women. But who else goes after ’em? Sharron Angle, tea party candidate, running against Harry Reid, who’s going after her? Our own people. Our own ‘hopefuls,’ our own ruling class hopefuls inside the Beltway. ‘She’s not right. Something’s wrong with Sharron Angle.’ We have plenty of people on our side who speak up, plenty of people. They happen to be women these days. There are some men, granted.

But most of them, most of the people showing gonads and guts are women on the Republican side. What happens to them? They are not defended. (interruption) Well, I defend them but I’m not the party. The party doesn’t defend ’em. The party waits to see what the Democrats are going to do, and then sorta sheepishly joins that movement. Michele Bachmann’s trying to get the tea party caucus in the House. ‘Oh, no, no, no! (grumbling) We don’t want any part of that. (grumbling)’ Trent Lott. Tea party caucus? ‘No, no, some of these people we’re going to have to get ’em right. We can’t have this kinda constituency here in the Senate.’ We have a lot of Republicans out there trying to show passion. They aren’t defended by their own party.

It’s understandable they’re going to be savaged and attacked by the Democrats. What’s really illustrative about that is that the Democrats and the Ministry of Truth, the American left, they will tell us who they’re most afraid of. They will tell us who scares the hell out of ’em, except we don’t have enough people with the brains to understand that’s what’s happening. When Sarah Palin is ripped to shreds by these people or when Michele Bachmann is, or when Sharron Angle is or when Jan Brewer is, some people on our side say, ‘Oh, gosh, this is embarrassing. They’re really tearing our side apart.’ I mean, from the first day I said it — from day one — about Sarah Palin, and now look. From this Journolist site, e-mails surfacing about the collusion, the cooperation among these flacks to destroy her — and why?

And, by the way, it’s not just a bunch of obscure people. You’ve got Joe Klein from TIME Magazine on that list. You got a couple people from Politico on that list. There is no media. There is no truth from this side. There is simply a team. They’re all on the same team, and they all have the same objective, and whenever they see somebody can come along that can beat them they unify to destroy them — and some doofuses on our side go, ‘Oh, no! Oh-ho-ho, I don’t think Sarah is smart enough. Oh, gosh, did you see the current interview? Oh, my gosh! Sarah Palin’s embarrassing us. Oh, my God. Oh, no, she’s not smart enough. We gotta send her to policy school.’ Yeah, let’s get another four years of this disaster! Let’s take another four years of this disaster instead of Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, or any other Republican.

Yeah, they didn’t go to Harvard. They don’t have the pedigree. Yeah, let’s saddle ourselves with four more years of this disaster instead of supporting somebody that could beat the hell out of these people but that embarrasses some of us. I’m just losing my patience for all of this. The objective here is not for the smart people on our side to be validated. The objective here is to save the United States of America from the people who are making it plain they want to change it for the worse, forever. And I don’t know where… The scales of justice? I don’t know how anybody on our side can say there’s anybody better than Bachmann or Palin or Eric Cantor or Bobby Jindal. I got plenty of people on our side I would gladly have anywhere but where Barack Obama is. Now, if you want to start talking about people on our side who are not worth it, I’ll name those names, too, if you want (when the time comes), because there are people on our side that we may as well stick with Obama ’cause it would be worse to have a bunch of phonies from our side in power just to please the so-called smart people on our side.


RUSH: Jim in Chattanooga, I’m glad you waited, sir. You’re next on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Yes. Holy Toledo, Rush, I can’t believe I got through.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Dittos from a conservative in a liberal world of teaching. You know, when it comes to — I don’t have much time, but I listen to you guys a lot, but when it comes to knowing who to vote for and knowing the things — I feel like we’re being shafted so much and lied to and knowing who are the conservatives to vote for because they’re lying about themselves and they’re lying about their opponents, is there someplace we can go to where I can figure out who to vote for for primaries and governors and things like that?

RUSH: There are. I don’t have them at the top of my head but there are a bunch of websites —


RUSH: — that are either being established or have been established that do try to explain. You’re talking about choosing the right Republican in a primary, right?

CALLER: That is correct.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I’m trying to figure out, you know, because I’ve gotten mixed stories even from conservatives that I trust, like, ‘Well, you should vote for this person because of this and this person because of this,’ I’m like —

RUSH: Yeah, same thing happens to me.


RUSH: It does. It happens to me. People are always lobbying me to vote for this particular Republican over that, more conservative or he’s better on a single issue than somebody else is. I’m glad you asked that. There are going to be some places that we can recommend you go when the time comes.

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