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RUSH: So we’re supposed to have a postracial president. Instead Barack Obama’s the most racial president, folks. I went through the audio sound bites here, and 95% of them are about race. Ninety-five percent of the audio sound bites are about race to one degree or another, and I predicted this would be the case. Greetings, great to have you here, behind the proverbial Golden EIB Microphone. Our telephone number as always, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

I never forget this, before the election, during the campaign, 2008, ‘Rush, Rush, don’t you think the election of Obama will put race behind us as a nation?’ ‘Nope, it’s only going to make it worse,’ I said. And it is. Now we’ve got Shirley Sherrod essentially saying Obama’s not down for the struggle. She wants to talk to him. She wants to talk to Obama because he hasn’t gone through things like she went through, meaning he’s not down for the struggle, he doesn’t have slave blood. That’s how you translate that. This is getting ridiculous. It’s embarrassing, and it is tearing the country apart. And everybody thought it was going to end, everybody thought we were going to have this new unity here, and you can’t get past the issue, you simply can’t get past it. And of course it’s the left that keeps bringing it up.

Charles Krauthammer had a great point yesterday on the Special Report with Bret Baier, and that is the country had an argument over the size of government, and the people that wanted big government lost, so now they go back to the race card, which is what they always do when they’re in trouble. They’re cheapening the whole notion of race and racial differences, and they’re creating a ho-hum reaction in a lot of people about it. The people’s reactions is not ho-hum, is not the kind of reaction the left wants unless they are purposely trying to keep the country roiled, which they are. We’ll get to all that, but, you know, most racial presidency we have. Not postracial.


RUSH: Here’s really all you need to know. It turns out that Andrew Breitbart was exactly right. This woman did not have an epiphany when she was at the USDA. When she was speaking to the NAACP she did not have an epiphany about, ‘You know what? It isn’t about race, it’s about rich versus poor.’ If you listen to the whole speech as people have, 43 minutes, she’s racist. The NAACP is racist. And this whole story has been manipulated, wined and dined, formed and flaked in order present the usual template that it’s us, that it’s conservatives who are racist.


RUSH: The NAACP has released the entire video of Shirley Sherrod. That’s what’s happened, they’ve released it. Everybody’s jumping on Andrew Breitbart because he only played an edited version and the edit was such that the whole video was taken out of context. Well, go listen to the whole thing now. The NAACP has asked everybody to listen to the whole video so go do it, and play parts of it where this woman, Ms. Sherrod, is revealed accusing Republicans and conservatives who oppose government-run health care of doing so because the president’s black or some such nonsense. You ought to watch the entire video. It’s 40 some odd minutes. I can’t listen to it. It’s got so much reverb in it I need to have a closed-caption to be able to read the whole thing or read a transcript of it, but parts of which I have read transcripts of it’s clear, this woman did not have any epiphany about learning that it’s not about race, it’s about haves versus have-nots, and even if it is about haves or have-nots isn’t that part of the Democrat redistributionist agenda anyway?

She has some children. One of her kids is named Russia, as in R-u-s-s-i-a.


RUSH: It is perfectly obvious to me, and when you hear the sound bites coming up as we continue to explore the Shirley Sherrod case as it were, that all these people who have been clamoring for a colorblind society do not in any way want one. They live off race. They thrive on it. The people demanding an end to racism are the last people that want an end to racism. They don’t want a colorblind society and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.

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