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RUSH: Now, out in Las Vegas there is something called a [nut]roots convention. A lot of these really insane, I mean literally insane left-wing bloggers, these acne faced, zit-faced little people dare to show up in public one time a year at their nutroots convention. These are the people that desperately want to matter and they had the creme de la creme out there speaking to them. They’ve got MSNBC hosts who are out there inspiring them. The Washington Post has actually written about this. Even Carl Cameron of Fox is out there covering all of this. John Fund of the Wall Street Journal is out there. The reports I’m getting are that the people who are attending the nutroots convention are despondent. They are depressed, angry, fit to be tied, every other word in public, in speeches, is a profanity. The F-bomb is being dropped multiple times a sentence. These people cannot contain their anger.

They are angry at the regime; they’re angry at Obama; they are angry at the whole Democrat apparatus. I read this and I put myself in their shoes. If all of us had as much of our agenda accomplished in 18 months as these people have, would we not be giddy? And yet these people aren’t. Now, why is it? Well, in the first place, they’re never happy, number one. Number two, they can never be satisfied. This is something that all of our people in the Republican Party — and I’m serious now — are going to have to figure out, you can cross the aisle all day long thinking you’re compromising and scoring points and advancing whatever, comity or can’t-we-all-just-get-along-with-each-other-ism, but nothing is ever enough. They could get everything they want, and it wouldn’t be enough because it didn’t happen fast enough, or it didn’t happen with enough rage, or didn’t happen with enough anger propelling it. Nothing makes them happy. This is why it is silly to concede anything to them, and I’m being dead serious here. It is silly to concede anything to them in their agenda, thinking it will slow ’em down or buy ’em off or make ’em happy, because it will not. The left is addicted to self-righteous anger. And they are never, ever happy, and they are never satisfied.

They are addicted to their own bile. Do you people know what bile is? Snerdley, do you know what bile is? Do you know what it is? It’s disgusting. They are addicted to it. These people, the kind of people who, when you aspirate, they like it, they love inhaling their own bile, they love getting to the point of almost drowning. That’s how sick they are. They’re out there, their whole convention is nothing more than a free-flowing, never-ending supply of bile. The Washington Post is reporting about this. I’ve got it somewhere here in the stack. I mean, I could give you examples but it’s profane what some of these people are saying from the stage. And yet they’ve got health care, they’ve got their financial regulatory reform — all of these things. They got their stimulus. They’ve got government growing faster; they’ve got the private sector shrinking; they’ve got redistributionist schemes left and right; they got tax increases coming in six months. And they’re miserable. They got car companies, they own them. They own the banks. They even have a car company that took over a private sector lender yesterday, Obama Motors. Ford Motors showed a larger profit than Government Motors did, and they’re mad about that.

They own the student loan industry. They’re very close to getting the public option, single payer, and they are livid in Las Vegas. They are angry as they can be. They’re fit to be tied. They’re talking about running away from the Democrats, getting rid of Max Baucus, getting rid of all these Democrats who are letting them down. And you and I, if we were in their shoes and we got as much as they’ve got, as much of our agenda as they’ve got of theirs in 18 months, can you imagine the big high we would be on? We’d be inspired and motivated to go even further. It’s kind of like, you know, you have the nutroots out there, and they’re going after the Democrat Party, it’s like the Sunnis attacking the Shi’ites in Iraq. It’s like Hamas going after the PLO. It’s like Hezbollah going after Hamas. It’s like the Iranians getting mad at Hamas for not wiping out Israel soon enough. You’ve got the leader of the regime dissing the state of Israel left and right, dissing Great Britain, sending back their Churchill bust. This regime is showing its contempt for this country every day, and they’re still not happy. It’s funny to watch

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