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Rush’s Morning Update: Defeat You!
July 26, 2010

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Steven Chu calls himself a “zealot” for energy efficiency. In his spare time, he admits to crawling around in his attic to install extra insulation. He’s also Obama’s energy secretary,who spends his days imposing his zealotry on you.

Obama’s energy zealots just issued new regulationstargeting the plumbing industry. The zealots are offended that some of you are buying luxury shower fixtures with multiple nozzles that emit up to 12 gallons of waterevery minute,so the zealots announced new regulations to enforce a strict definition of “showerheads.”

From now on, all showerheads will be counted together, as one unit,limiting water flow to 2.5 gallons per minute in total. This will prohibit you from buying luxury showerheads by putting the luxury showerhead businessout of business.

Companies have received letters from the Department of Energy, telling them to stop selling specific units.A DOE spokesman brags: “Did Congress limit consumer choice? Absolutely. When you waste water, you waste energy.” California Faucets,a major manufacturer in a state that needs more industry,protests that it isn’t the government’s job to “regulate the bathing habits of Americans.”

Oh, but zealots believe it is. The insidious vermin in the DOE are just as tyrannical as the old Soviet bureaucrats. They want control of every aspect of your life; and luxury items are criminal.

We fought wars to defeat these kinds of dictators and ideas, and now our government dictators are waging war to defeat usand our lifestyle, which the zealots deem too “luxurious.”

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