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Rush’s Morning Update: Absolute Power
July 27, 2010

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When Democrats were a minority power in the Senate,they still acted as if they ruled the place. When the Republican president nominated appointees or judges,they routinely filibustered to block them. Also routinely blocked werereform legislationto fix Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Social Security, and all the other entitlement programs that are pushing us toward bankruptcy. Democrats also demanded– and got, thanks to weak Republicans– a “power-sharing” arrangement,even though they were in the minority.

NowDemocrats control the executive branch, have an overwhelming majority in the House, and 59 Senate votes –a greater concentration of political power than one party has had in generations. To boot,they can also count onthree orfour liberal Republicans to join forces with them on almost every big-ticket piece of legislation… but that’s still not enough.

Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry, speaking to liberal bloggers, vowed to abolish longstanding Senate rules requiring 60 votes to pass most legislation. He accused Republicans of “abusing” the filibuster, “so we’re going to have to change it,” Reid told the nutroots people.

Under Senate rules, it takes 67 votes to make such a change. But these are power-mad, rabid Democrats,so therules don’t matter. Obama, Dingy Harry, and Pelosi have governed against the will of the American people for so long,they think it’s their right. They’re attempting to crush all opposition. The only thing standing in the way of them gaining absolute poweris the November election –and you. Show up. Be there.

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