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RUSH: Last night in Washington on the House floor, Representative Hank Johnson (Democrat-Georgia) spoke.

JOHNSON: Within the last 17 months, the leader of the Republican Party said that he hopes that President Obama fails, and that is my good friend Rush Limbaugh, who — for every day, five days a week — sends that same message out to Americans who are hooked on that show. He sends it out to them relentlessly and they remember it and they act on it. But they’re not the only ones who have acted on it. It’s been the followers in the Senate who have acted upon it, and it’s been the followers here in the House who have followed his leadership, and they have embarked upon this strategy of obstruction.

RUSH: Now, what is this? July 26 is when this happens. Hank Johnson (who I’ve never met) calls me his ‘good friend’ and goes to the floor of the House to talk about, ‘I hope he fails.’ Obviously he has. Well, it depends on your perspective. He’s succeeded. His objectives are being accomplished, and so actually he has not failed. But these people cannot get this out of their system. What prompts this? You think this is accidental? This Hank Johnson guy goes to the floor of the House, starts railing against me on ‘I hope he fails’? That dates back to January of 2009, over a year and a half ago. Now, why are they doing this? Why are they…?

Because they need to obfuscate. They need to get in the way, they need to distract people away from the fact that Obama is failing. He certainly is.

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