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Rush’s Morning Update: Scandal
July 28, 2010

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You know, one bigdifference between Democrats and Republicans is how they respond to scandal. The moment some scandal breaks, Republicans go public. With fear in their eyes, they call for a resignation. If they’ve taken campaign contributions, they return the money. Democrats may worry in private that the scandal-infected colleague will hurt the party; in public, they say nothing — or they go on the attack.

Democrat Charlie Rangel, accused of tax cheating, owning multiple rent-controlled apartments, and other assorted improprieties,embodies so much corruption that even the House ethics committee couldn’t whitewash it. So he now faces a public trial in the Housein September (although he’s trying to deal himself out of that).

In private, Democrat aides are grumblingthat a trial will cost them seats;that Charlie oughttothink more about the party than himself. They also complain that Charlie could have reached a deal with the ethics committee to avoid trial,but there’s no stampede of Democrats demanding his resignation.

So, Charlie. Your next step, from the Democrat Scandal Management Playbook, is go on the attack. First, say, “Everybody does it.” Next, point to other Democrat tax cheats,like Tim Geithner at Treasury,and ask why nobody’s botheringhim –while putting you on trial! And then you answer: because you are an 80-year-old black tax cheat! Accuse the ethics committee of being racistand ageist.

Finally, go all the way. If a Democrat president, now with offices in Harlem, could Lewinsky the country and survive,why the heckcan’t you, Charlie Rangel?

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