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RUSH: Back to the archives. May 3rd on this program, this is what I said…

RUSH ARCHIVE: The oil spill will break up. I’m not trying to minimize it here. But ecology does take care of itself, the planet does. Why all the panic? Oh, a crisis. Well, it’s gonna break up. It’s not going to be a giant glob when it hits, but it’s going to pose problems. I’m not gonna say it’s not going to pose problems, but he’s saying that as it breaks up it will break down. You know, seawater is pretty tough stuff. Try living in it for a while. Oil has a tough time surviving. This many gallons of oil seep from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico every day, just spread out over the whole floor of the Gulf and it never surfaces ’cause it gets eaten alive, but it seeps from the ocean floor at this amount. Not as concentrated obviously as coming from this well.

RUSH: They can’t find the oil. ABC News: ‘BP Oil Spill: Clean-Up Crews Can’t Find Crude in the Gulf — As Size of Slick Shrinks, Experts Say Oil is Breaking Up, Staying Below Surface.’ Once again, I, El Rushbo, was right. You remember how hated I was when I made this statement on May 3rd? I was insincere and I was unfeeling and I had no compassion. ‘Oh, yeah. It’s just going to break up.’ Now all of a sudden I am being validated. ‘For 86 days, oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s damaged well … BP and the federal government have amassed an army to clean the oil up, but there’s one problem — they’re having trouble finding it. At its peak last month, the oil slick was the size of Kansas, but it has been rapidly shrinking, now down to the size of New Hampshire,’ and it’s not even that big.

If the Gulf of Mexico is, let’s say, the Superdome and you fill the Superdome with water, the amount of oil in the Superdome is equal to a 24-ounce can of beer. It’s infinitesimal, and it is being dissipated. Everything I said here is true. Oil seeps from the sea floor all over the earth and into the ocean every day. It never surfaces. It gets eaten alive; it gets broken down. In fact, at the end of this ABC piece: ”(It’s) Mother Nature doing her job,’ said Ed Overton, a professor of environmental studies at Louisiana State University.’ Whoa, whoa, whoa! ‘Mother Nature doing her job’? Who’s Mother Nature? Mother Nature is doing her job? Why doesn’t anybody ever say, ‘Yeah, Mother Nature is going to take care of this global warming stuff’? Mother Nature is being defeated by human beings in global warming but all of a sudden they can’t find the oil, and Mother Nature is doing just fine. Just fine.

You know, even when Obama goes on The View (this is a sad reality) he’s going to be the least experienced and the least qualified guy in that room. He’s going to be the least talented person in that room when he goes on The View — and that is saying something. We had the story last week about how they can’t find oil. They’re out there looking for it and they’re eagle-eyeing it, and they can’t find the oil — and the reason they can’t find it now is ’cause Mother Nature is taking care of it. ‘Mother Nature is doing her job.’ I didn’t say that we should not do anything. I never said that it wasn’t a big deal. That’s what the media reported, however, ignoring all context. But they’re not going to be able to find it all. Now they’re resorting to, ‘Well, there must be plumes of oil underneath the sea floor. We can’t actually see it.’ Here’s a montage, number 13.

SUZANNE MALVEAUX: (music) It may sound too good to be true. Much of the oil that gushed into the Gulf for months now seems to have disappeared.

DIANE SAWYER: Where is all the oil? On day 98, much of the spill is actually hard to see.

JEFFREY KOFMAN: According to experts, much of it was reabsorbed into the environment.

ED OVERTON: Mother Nature is doing what she’s supposed to do and we’re losing most of it to microbial degradation in the ocean.

ANDERSON COOPER: Where is the oil? What does this mean? Is this good news that it’s all dissipating?

RUSH: Anderson Cooper 210 there: ‘What is this? Is this good news? They can’t find it? Where’s the oil?’ You were on the cutting edge. You knew this was going to happen months ago.


RUSH: Okay, so they can’t find the oil. They’re out there looking for the oil, they can’t find the oil. They are reopening areas of the Gulf to fishing. They aren’t gonna need $20 billion to pay people back for damages and yet they have swindled BP outta $20 billion. The ex-CEO, Tony Hayward, who’s actually been sent to Siberia, I mean literally sent to Siberia, a BP Russian oil project, may as well be Siberia, said early on, ‘The ecological damage is going to be minimal here.’ He’s dead right and you pay a penalty in this country for being dead right. You are hated, and you are despised, and you become a target. So now BP has been swindled, shaken down for $20 billion for no reason. There was no major destructive crisis. The earth, Mother Nature — and to me, by the way, when I say Mother Nature’s taken care of it, who’s Mother Nature? Mother Nature — listen to me on the left, listen to me on the left, Mother Nature, you know who it is? God. You spell it G-o-d. Mother Nature is God. Mother Nature is not a tree trunk. Mother Nature is not some forest somewhere in the Amazon. Mother Nature is the God of the Bible, the God of creation, and the God of creation taking care of all this despite our folly ’cause God loves us.

It’s real simple. But if you don’t have any concept of love, you’ll never be able to understand anything of importance that happens on this planet, either between people or the interactions of things in nature, of which we are as much a part of nature as anything else is.


RUSH: This morning on MSNBC, the Morning Joe show, the guest was the pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg, who’s also in charge of disbursing the $20 billion of shakedown money that the regime got from BP. Mike Barnicle said to Feinberg, ‘What happens if BP files for bankruptcy? I mean, they’re selling off assets of the company now. What happens to the claimants in the Gulf if BP files for bankruptcy?’

FEINBERG: Heaven forbid. That would be a national tragedy. BP has already said that if the $20 billion is not enough money to pay all the claims, it will continue to honor its financial obligations. If BP ever went into bankruptcy, I’ve failed, everybody’s failed. They’re a major employer in the Gulf. These people that have been victimized by this spill, Michael, need to be paid.

RUSH: Oh, my heart bleeds. Let’s break out the Stradivarius violins. Oh, Feinberg will fail. He’s parceling out these payments in six-month chunks. If nobody can find any oil in the Gulf, why do they need to pay anybody? They can’t find any oil. I, El Rushbo, said it was all going to be eaten up by the sea. They can’t find any oil. They’re opening up previously shut down fishing areas. So why have to pay anybody anything if there’s no oil? Where is all this damage? It doesn’t exist. In the meantime, Mr. Feinberg, your administration is doing its best to destroy all employment in the Gulf in the oil business. Where’s the oil? There is no oil. Why are we shutting down drilling? Why do you want a moratorium on it? There’s no oil. They can’t find it. The reason they can’t find it, even a scientist said, ‘You know, Mother Nature is doing her job, Mother Nature is taking its course here.’ Is it dissipating? Is it being dissolved? What’s happening to it?

I told you from the get-go, this is light crude. This is not the heavy sludge stuff they make asphalt from. This is light crude. For the longest time they haven’t been able to find this oil. The real danger, the real threat from this is that oil which does come ashore. This is why it was so important what Bobby Jindal was trying to do, build these sand berms to keep it from getting to the real shore because once it gets ashore, gets into the water table underneath the soil and gets into that, then that’s a genuine cleanup nightmare. But out in the Gulf it will take care of itself. It’s not that much. It really isn’t that much. Fill up the new Dallas Cowboys stadium with water — I keep saying this over and over again — the amount of oil is equal to a 24-ounce can of beer. It’s microscopic. Have you ever wondered why oil prices haven’t gone up?

Ted Baxter, a lot of people believe that there’s some wizard behind a curtain that arbitrarily decides to raise gasoline prices whenever he wants to. This would have been a perfect time, would it not? I mean pictures on TV of all that oil leaking into the Gulf, all that crude. ‘We’re losing it! We’re losing it!’ Everybody thinks we have a finite supply of oil anyway, ‘Oh, my God, oh, my God, we’re going to run out of oil even sooner, oh, my God, oh, my God,’ and the price of oil didn’t go up. Did you ever stop to ask yourself why? Did you ever ask yourself why the price of gasoline didn’t skyrocket? It’s because the amount of oil leaked had an infinitesimal effect on supply. It’s not that much. There is no crisis. There is no disaster. They can’t find the oil. Mr. Feinberg, Obama will be ecstatic if BP goes into bankruptcy, or, better yet, if Obama could seize the assets under receivership. Play the sound bite again. (imitating Feinberg) ‘That would be a national tragedy. BP has already said that they will pay off –‘ listen to this. It’s all about this guy.

FEINBERG: Heaven forbid. That would be a national tragedy. BP has already said that if the $20 billion is not enough money to pay all the claims, it will continue to honor its financial obligations. If BP ever went into bankruptcy, I’ve failed, everybody’s failed. They’re a major employer in the Gulf. These people that have been victimized by this spill, Michael, need to be paid.

RUSH: Right. So what do we take from this? We need to keep BP in business, not for any reason other than the claimants need to be paid. And after the claimants’ been paid then screw ’em, then we’ll put ’em out of business, then they can go bankrupt all they want, but not until I get my money on that 20 bill and I can pay everybody off. I don’t want to be a failure. That’d be a national tragedy. So BP exists for one reason now, and that’s to make sure the trial lawyers get their take of whatever they can screw out of the company from what has been shaken down out of BP by Obama. Mr. Feinberg, here you are in charge of this $20 billion, did you ever stop — how much is 20 billion? You talk about BP giving away $20 billion here as though it’s nothing. It’s a lot of money. Imagine if you had to come up with it. This whole notion that everybody else’s money is mine, and I’m gonna make them do with their money what I think they should do. Folks, there’s no crisis that’s metastasized here.

Can you imagine the grief I’m going to get the rest of this week for saying this? They can’t find the oil. Why are we going to pay $20 billion out? They’re opening fisheries already. There is no disaster — well, there’s not. It’s been capped. Well’s been capped. There’s no oil leaking. Oh, I guess they found another leak down the road. Yeah, they found another little leak down there, it’s not related to this, they just found another leak out there. They could probably find leaks every day if they wanted to. Remember the AP story: 40,000 wells have been shut down, what if they start leaking? Oh no, we’re going to die, we’re going to die. Remember that story? So another crisis, quasi-crisis all to be exploited.

‘An oil platform hit by a tugboat is now spewing oil and natural gas near a Louisiana marsh area, officials said Tuesday. The oil and gas is shooting up 20 feet into the air, the office of Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser said. Crews don’t expect to be able to cap the well before 6 p.m. ET, Coast Guard Rear Adm. Paul Zukunft told reporters. ‘We cannot catch a break,’ Deano Bonano, Jefferson Parish emergency management director, said in a note to parish officials. … Some 6,000 feet of boom were placed around the site, Thad Allen, the national incident commander for the nearby BP spill, told reporters. The tugboat was pushing a barge when the collision happened, he added.’ There are plenty of boom down there now to corral this current leak and they’re going to have this one fixed by six o’clock. But how much is this poor barge company going to have to cough up to pay claims?

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