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RUSH: I’m sorry, folks, I can’t get off of this Obama Motors business. I just can’t. So much of it is educational. It’s a perfect example of the ruling class versus the country class, the rest of us. People are struggling to keep their jobs and their homes. The government has essentially dictated that a company produce a $41,000 car that goes 40 miles on an electrical charge and they’re gonna give you a $7500 tax credit to entice you to buy. This is not evidence of progress, folks. This is not evidence of success. It is a completely out-of-touch ruling class that lives in one world while the rest of us live in another. A $41,000 car that goes 40 miles on a charge, and Obama’s out there touting all this great success today. Meanwhile, they will not secure the border; they wanna slash military defense spending; they’re spending money that they don’t have; they’re destroying the banking system; they’re taking over the student loan program, but they have demanded directly the production of this car, a $41,000 car that goes 40 miles on a charge.

And we’re supposed to bow down or applaud (clapping) and be grateful for all this wonderful progress and success, supposed to really feel up and excited about the future? Yeah. And now, four staffers are writing a memo to the director of the immigration service about how we could have amnesty without legislation. In the document is this, they’ve reinterpreted legal opinions of the definition of admission for those entering under temporary protected status in the face of war or environmental disaster so they can change their status to stay in the US permanently if there is an environmental disaster — well, do they not call global warming an environmental disaster? They’re looking at ways to grant amnesty to people already here. ‘Well, yeah, maybe a war out there, war in Afghanistan, yeah, we’re in a war, and environmental disaster, global warming,’ they’re setting up the circumstances. If they can’t get it passed through Congress, they’re gonna do it by executive fiat.


RUSH: Here’s Barack Obama, the leader of the regime, March 30th, 2009 in Washington in an announcement about the automotive industry.

OBAMA: Let me be clear. The United States government has no interest in running GM. We have no intention of running GM.

RUSH: That’s President Obama March 30th, 2009, in Washington. Doesn’t want to run General Motors. Anybody want a Ford F-150? I may buy you one.

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