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Rush’s Morning Update: Swamp News
August 3, 2010

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Folks, we have more swamp news today, in addition to New York Democrat Charlie Rangel’s 13 ethics violations charges.

California Democrat Maxine Waters– let’s call her Maxine “Swamp” Waters– has elected to follow Rangel’s lead and face trial, rather than settle with the Congressional Ethics Committee.

“Swamp” Waters is accused of steering federalmoney to minority-owned banksin meetings she set up with the treasury department officials. See, she didn’t bother to tell treasury that her husband, Sidney, owned half a million dollars worth of stock at one of those banks, OneUnited. Or that he had served on the bank’s board of directors. After the meetings “Swamp” Waters set up, OneUnited got their mitts on over $12 million in TARP bailout money.

Now, Waters has history. In the Clinton era,when the Midwest was devastated by floods,she held up relief legislation until a special provision was passed giving her South Central Los Angeles constituents $100 a week apiece in “grooming money”. More recently, she laid into a Shell Oil executive,threatening to nationalize the oil industry.

So far, Maxine “Swamp” Waters has offered no excuse for her failure to inform treasury that she had a personal stake in the bank that was securing bailout money,other than to say she was trying to help minority-owned banks “get their fair share from the government.” The truth is, she has made a career of taking her share,by hook or crook. And now another chicken… might be coming home… to roost!

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