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RUSH: Dear Rush: ‘You said that you would post your wedding pictures online. I have been eagerly waiting to see them and I’m sure they’re lovely. When will you have sorted out the 5,000 –‘ it’s actually 7,000 photos, folks, ’cause I forgot the first night. It was a two-day bash, the Friday night luau, so there’s a total of 7,000 pictures. This is from Suzanne. And, Suzanne, you’re right, I did say we’re gonna post ’em online, and we are. I did not want to upstage the Clinton wedding, folks, and any photos that they might have released. I’m hoping that by next week we’ll be able to do this because some of these picture are not just pictures, they’re actually works of art. We’re in the process of going through them and picking out pictures of all the guests and both e-mailing and sending prints to them, and the photographer put up a giant website with all these photos for us to go through. It’s a lot of pictures ’cause we banned personal cameras. We did not let anybody bring personal cameras in there, and nobody did. We said, ‘Don’t worry about it, we’ll take pictures of everything and we’ll get ’em to you.’ But it’s going to be ’til the end of the summer before we’re able to get all the pictures out to all the guests so we’re working on it. I was not lying. I was not misleading.

Snerdley says, ‘Since you’re answering personal questions, how’s the baby dog, Wellesley?’ Ha, baby dog. They’re puppies, yeah. That little dog, little puppy is just… it’s hilarious to watch these two dogs. They’re like best buds after five minutes. I mean, sure, everyone’s got these dog stories and I don’t want to bore you with ours, but they love each other and they chase each other all over the house, outside, inside, doesn’t matter. (interruption) Well, Punkin’s adjusted to it. Punkin just looks at ’em running around like they’re a bunch of idiots, but she doesn’t leave the room when they come in. She’s adjusted. It’s kind of funny. These two dogs remind me of the road runner and the coyote cartoon with the coyote always chasing the road runner. One of these dogs is always chasing the other and Punkin just stands there like she’s watching a tennis match, head going back and forth watching the dogs and looking at them like they’re idiots. It’s hilarious, and one of the dogs will spot Punkin on the footstool, come over and get in Punkin’s face, and Punkin just hisses. And the puppy starts whimpering even though nothing’s happened, backs off, and then starts circling around to come in from the rear. But you can’t fool Punkin. It’s fun to watch all this stuff.

So anyway, we’ll get the pictures up as soon as we can. It’s matter of putting ’em up on the website, watermarking and a number of things. We don’t want to anybody to be able to download these. See, that’s another problem, people are going to be able to get them and Photoshop ’em and monkey around with them and we’re just trying to take whatever steps we can to see to it that that’s as difficult as it can be.

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