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RUSH: Now, not only is it the Congressional Black Caucus that’s being thrown overboard, so is Vice President Bite Me. Joe Biden is now under the gun. Yesterday in a White House press briefing Robert Gibbs threw him under the bus. Former Virginia governor Doug Wilder threw him under the bus. We’ll tell you what Wilder said here in just a second. There’s a report out there that John McCain and Tom Coburn did itemizing all of the wasteful Porkulus projects out there. ‘The Civitas Institute poured through the federal website charged with tracking stimulus spending, and created the following list — The 10 Worst Federal Stimulus Projects in North Carolina. 1. Study of monkeys using cocaine: $71,623 … 2. North Carolina Dance Theatre: $50,000 … 3. Reducing hot flashes through yoga: $147,694 4. Collecting, researching and reporting on the stimulus act: $115,000; $150,000; $227,940 Total: $492,940.’ (laughing)

They paid $492,000 to collect, research, and report on the Porkulus bill. ‘5. Create interactive dance performance technology: $762,372.’ This is all in North Carolina alone. ‘6. American Dance Festival, Inc.: $50,000. 7. Construction of a new Town Hall in Bladenboro: $200,000; $100,000. Total: $300,000. 8. North Carolina Folk Life Institute: $25,000.’ Anyway, these are the things that they found, and remember Biden was put in charge of making sure this didn’t happen. Remember, Obama said, ‘Nobody messes with [Bite Me].’ Well, he said, ‘Nobody messes with Joe.’ So yesterday at the White House press briefing Suzanne Malveaux (who Snerdley once had a crush on), CNN infobabe, says, ‘The McCain-Coburn report that cites economic stimulus money says it had been mismanaged or wasted. They cite 97 projects out of 70,000, this is good news, bad news, some acknowledgement that some of those projects might not be well-managed?’

GIBBS: Every day the vice president, the vice president’s staff, uh, worked diligently to ensure, uh, that projects that receive funding abide by certain standards. Uhh, all of that is on the Internet. Uh, a level of transparency, uh, not seen in government programs — particularly those, uh, of the magnitude of this — and I would suggest that, uh, John McCain and his chief economic advisor during that campaign, I think the debate’s probably better with — between the two of them.

RUSH: Okay, so all these excesses are cited, and basically Gibbs says, ‘Well, the vice president’s in charge of this — and it’s plain as day, plain and simple. We’re as transparent as hell.’ Now, L. Douglas Wilder wrote a whole piece on Politico. Here’s his main beef. He wants Bite Me out; he wants Hillary on the ticket 2012. ‘I will refrain from running through the list of Biden gaffes. Not because I dismiss them, but because late-night comedians have made them legendary. I realize many say that he brings some more humanity to this administration. But there are too many YouTube moments. Even recently, he has continued to undermine what little confidence the public may have had in him.

‘During Biden’s June trip to Florida, for example, the presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee Alex Sink, was so upset that she told Politico the whole trip was a ‘screw-up’ and she was ’embarrassed’ by his speech. The Democratic Party is trying to elect this woman governor of a swing state — one Obama will need in 2012 — during the middle of the oil spill crisis in the Gulf. No vice president should leave such ignominy in his wake. A few weeks later, Biden comes south and says at a fundraiser, ‘[T]he heavy lifting is over,’ and now the campaigning can begin. Really? Has the crude oil off the Gulf Coast disappeared?

‘Is the unemployment rate back to its mid-1990s lows? Is the deficit magically under control? Are the president’s approval ratings in the mid-60s? Do large majorities of Americans believe we are on the right track? I don’t think so. But none of that seems to matter to Biden. People around this country are hurting, and Biden has told them Democrats in Congress and the White House have done all they can or will for them.’ So here’s Douglas Wilder wanting Biden off the ticket and Hillary on. Obama’s getting rid of blacks who supported Hillary (the Congressional Black Caucus), and Gibbs throws Biden overboard yesterday. You figure it out.


RUSH: Since we’re talking about Vice President Bite Me, let me remind you of something. Vice President Bite Me was just ordered recently to pay $220,000 to the Treasury because his presidential campaign failed to report almost $4 million in payments and $1 million in debts. Now, that’s corruption. Now, Bite Me said, ‘Well, I forgot about this. It’s sloppy bookkeeping’ and got away with it. However, he’s white, and he got away with it on the Democrat side. Charlie Rangel? Maxine Waters? They’re not white. They’re not getting away with it. He was just ordered to pay back 220 grand. He failed to report almost $4 million in payments and a million dollars in debts. He was dishonest, he lied. ‘Faulty bookkeeping. No big deal.’ But you have to ask: If he were a person of color would he have gotten off so easily? I mean, there’s clearly double standard here. Bite Me: A white guy, hands off, kid-glove treatment. Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters? See ya. Time to quit with dignity.


RUSH: Matt, Charleston, South Carolina, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, I always wanted to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Hey, Biden said in a recent interview that in Obama’s first year in office that he has healed relations with the Muslim world. So I’m wondering why all the fuss over the mosque. I mean everything’s fixed now thanks to Obama, right? At least according to Biden.

RUSH: Well, yeah, except a lot of people are trying to move to throw Biden overboard. Douglas Wilder, who invented the Wilder Effect, has written a piece demanding that Biden be thrown off the ticket and replaced by Hillary. We had Gibbs kind of throw Biden overboard yesterday when asked about all the corruption and the fraud and the stimulus package. ‘Well, the vice president’s watching that.’ And the vice president said the heavy lifting is over. All the work that we’re going to do on fixing the economy, we’re at 9% unemployment, going to stay there. Economy’s as good as we can make it, now it’s time to go back to campaigning. So I don’t know that people in the administration are really relying on what Vice President Bite Me says. But I get your point nevertheless. It’s a great rhetorical point.

CALLER: Rush, thanks for all you do and don’t ever change.

RUSH: Well, you know, it’s very difficult to change because I’m just being me. If I were acting I could change.

CALLER: And you’re great, thank you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir, I appreciate that, I really do.

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