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Rush’s Morning Update: Why?
August 6, 2010

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My friends, ahorrific tragedy has sparked national outrage. Twenty-three-year old Carlos Montano– in this country illegally– has been charged with drunk driving, involuntary manslaughter, and felony driving on a revoked license after his vehicle crossed a median and hit a car carrying three nuns. One of the nuns died at the scene; the other two are on respirators at a Virginia hospital.

Now, thisfatal accident was not Montano’s first encounter with the law. He was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, after a previous arrest. According to the prosecutor, Montano had been turned over to Immigration on at least one additional occasion.

ICE is part of Homeland Security. Big Sis –Janet Napolitano,who runs that agency — has raised two questions. One: “Why is it that this individual was still out driving?” Two: “Why were the removal proceedings taking so long?”

Janet, you’re supposed to have the answers, not the questions. The buck is supposed to stop with you. But since you want answers, okay.

This “individual” was out driving because under your leadership, both as governor of Arizona and now at Homeland Security, immigration law is selectively applied, and routinely ignored. Why is he still here? Because your regime wants him– and all other undocumented Democrats– here, so you use them as a voter base once amnesty is passed. Simple!As for this tragedy, please,stop trying to pretend you care… your actionsbetray your words.

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