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RUSH: Here’s Mike in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Nice to have you on the EIB Network.CALLER: Hello, Rush.


CALLER: I have a little question I’ve been asking people for years, but where and how did sexual preference get a minority status?

RUSH: Hmmm. That’s a good question because sexual preference is really not a minority. It’s a lifestyle.

CALLER: Well, and that’s what I never can get a true answer there. They’re fighting all this in California and yet how did they get minority status?

RUSH: Well, you know this is all part of the leftist agenda. It’s advancing the victims of this country. Everybody in a minority is a victim according to the left. They are a victim of the majority and, of course, they need special redress. The majority are a bunch of bigots, they are homophobes, they are racist, they are sexist, whatever happens to be the issue of the day. All done for political purposes.

CALLER: Well, it still doesn’t make sense to me.

RUSH: Well, I know. Rationally it doesn’t make sense, but if you understand liberals, if you understand their agenda, it makes perfect sense. If you understand that they exist to overthrow the country as founded, if you understand that, if you understand that they will lie and do whatever it takes to achieve what they want as members of the ruling class, then it all makes sense. It may not be something you want to admit, but it is what it is. It’s not hard to understand at all. Very simple. But it takes courage to face the truth, and a lot of people just — I’m not saying you don’t have courage. A lot of people don’t want to even go there. They don’t want to think that we’ve elected a president that doesn’t believe in the country. ‘That wouldn’t happen, Rush. You can’t, can’t possibly mean that.’ Yeah, I do. People say, ‘Eh, let’s go tweet.’ ‘I don’t want to deal with that,’ they say.

David in Columbus, Ohio. Hi and welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: My question for you is simply — I’m young; I’m only 21 years old — do you feel that we’ve lost a lot of youth in this country as far as their views on politics from the left and the way they persuaded people and instilled into liberal institutions and our universities?

RUSH: Nah, there’s nothing now about that. The left, young people have always tended to be liberal or lean left. There really is nothing unusual, and the fact that they don’t vote in great numbers is something that hasn’t changed, either. There’s nothing unique about that. What’s unique is you. I mean, you’re a member of the quote-unquote ‘youth’ and you’re not liberal. You are the one unique. But that’s always been the case.

CALLER: Exactly. And I think that we need more people my age that have strong conservative views to come out and spread the word and get more people going to the polls and voting, you know, and save the country and save the Constitution.

RUSH: Look, I think this administration is creating a whole lot of that in every demographic all over the country. I check my e-mails. People are livid out there over all this. I don’t care what the age group is. Now, I understand you’re young and you’re frustrated. I was your age once and I, too, was frustrated that most of the people my age were a bunch of dolts and idiots, and that was a long time ago and that hasn’t changed. But all you can do is be who you are around them — and if you believe it, you know, try to persuade them.

CALLER: I completely agree. I just wonder if, you know, universities and the way they push on and shove liberalism down their students’ throats, if that plays a role.

RUSH: Of course it does. The left owns these institutions of so-called higher learning. They are not even universities. They are indoctrination centers. That’s exactly right. They own education and a couple of other institutions. They own the media. Those are the two things they still have control over. They are the true minority in terms of the number of people who think like they do, who agree with them. But they do hold a couple of powerful institutions, and they run government and the judiciary.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: That’s pretty powerful stuff. But all of this can change. It has. Over the course of the years. What’s frustrating is that we don’t hold the change. Here we have the clearest, in my lifetime, illustration of the folly, the fallacy, the deficiencies of liberalism. It’s right out for everybody to see, and I guarantee you ten years from now some sweet-talking liberal’s going to come along and make people forget all this. Because people are always going to succumb to the notion of compassion, fairness, equality, because it’s just easier to be for that stuff. It’s just, how can we be against fairness? How can we be against equality? Of course, nobody’s against those things.

There are just realists and people who do not live in reality who fantasize. But it’s always going to appeal. It’s like in the environmental movement. They are very smart. They make you think all they want is clean water and clean air and no pollution. Who would be against that? They try to tell you that people are anti-environmentalist are anti-clean air. Nothing could be further from the truth. What we’re ‘anti’ is liberalism. What we know is that the clean air, clean water crowd doesn’t really care about clean water and clean air, either. They care about liberalism and socialism and Marxism and inculcating as many minds as possible. Anyway, don’t give up the faith, David. Hang in. Be tough.


RUSH: One of the reasons why young people are liberal is because they’re children. Children are used to being taken care of, and liberalism promises to take care of you. The State is going to take care of you. Liberalism means being a child of the State. Liberalism means turning your life over to your rulers and so forth. It’s easier. I once told you liberalism is the most gutless choice you can make. It’s the easiest thing in life you can do is be a liberal. Let somebody else take care of you? Let somebody else make sure that whoever treats you wrong is taken care of? Make sure that things are fair? And all you have to do is look at suffering and say, ‘Oh, that’s horrible,’ and you’re considered a great person. Liberalism is easy. It doesn’t solve diddly-squat. Liberalism makes things worse but, boy, it’s easy to be liberal. It’s easy to let somebody feed you. It’s easy to let somebody pay you not to work. It’s easy to be praised as caring because all you’ve got to do is look at suffering and say, ‘Oh, that’s horrible.’ And you can even be more highly thought of if you say, ‘Let’s take somebody else’s money and give it to that person; it’s not fair!’ Oh, then you are a star liberal. See how easy that is?

I will bet you, ladies and gentlemen, I could have five times the wealth I have if I had been liberal. I’ll bet you if I were as effective a liberal as I am a conservative, whew, look at all they would have done for me. I’d be the star of television shows, movies. It wouldn’t matter if I didn’t have any audience. I’m just telling you it would be easy. I would be universally loved, adored, appreciated, and celebrated constantly for not doing anything. So easy to be a liberal. Children are used to being taken care of, used to being told what to do, what not to do, where to go, where not to go. They are used to their parents not treating them as adults. Some of them don’t like it, but in the end it’s really easy having somebody else pay the bills. It’s really easy having somebody else buy the car.


RUSH: Josiah in Fargo, North Dakota. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush, mega rocker dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, your last comment fit into it perfectly. The reason that you don’t like talking about yourself and the reason that, you know, we’re not looking for validation through other people.

RUSH: Uh, who? You or me?

CALLER: Well, anybody, any of us.

RUSH: Oh, any of us?

CALLER: Anybody who loves freedom is not looking for validation through other people. It’s like you just said, you know, going on about if you were liberal you’d be five times as rich and everybody would love you. But we’re not looking for everybody to love us —

RUSH: Exactly right.

CALLER: — for what we do.

RUSH: Exactly right.

CALLER: We want to love ourselves first and be happy with what we do and what we ??

RUSH: Exactly. We are merit-based in everything we do.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: We’re achievement-oriented.

CALLER: Exactly. And the reason children are liberal is because, you know, you want your parents to be proud of you when you — first you have to be proud of yourself.

RUSH: Well, but kids, they can’t take care of themselves.

CALLER: I understand that.

RUSH: You know, it’s not like a puppy you let go at six months and some adult buys it. The mother dog doesn’t care at six weeks and gets rid of the kid. Some sap adult comes along and takes care of the dog. But a human, even at age 21, most of them can’t take care of themselves. And they don’t expect to have to. That’s why it’s easy being a liberal.

CALLER: Exactly. And it’s jealousy run rampant. I work every day, I produce a product, I provide a service, and I don’t begrudge somebody who has a million-dollar home who did the exact same thing who just happened to be more successful or took a bigger chance than I did.

RUSH: Well, that means you are well adjusted.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: A lot of people, a lot of people scratch their heads and they go, ‘Why? That’s just unfair. How come I’ve done everything right, I’ve played by the rules and look at these genuine social reprobates that are multimillionaires, how come I’m not?’ And why do you think people are so into losing their identity? Facebook, tweet, whatever they do, they want everybody to know who they are because they think fame equals wealth, riches, happiness and all this sort of stuff. You can see it. You can see every day the seductiveness that liberalism is.

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