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RUSH: Wedding pictures. It looks like Tuesday or Wednesday they are going to be posted on Facebook. (interruption) Yes, we have a Facebook page. We are not going to let anybody write on the wall. No posting. Yes, we’re going Facebook. That is where we are going to do this. Facebook has finally gotten to the point — they have evolved — where they meet our standards. Prior to now it has not made sense for us to have a Facebook page. But recent advances that they have made have made it sensible now for us to have a Facebook page. So we are going to put up the initial run of wedding pictures. I think it’s 10 or 12, maybe 17. I’m not sure how many that we are putting up.

And we have some surprises to go along with the inauguration of our Facebook page. That will be the Tuesday of next week or Wednesday. As you know, I’m not going to be here Monday. I have a late night on the left coast on Sunday. So Karl Rove will be here doing the program. His first ever radio talk show. Of course, the State-Controlled Media is beside itself. They are just worried as they can be, they are in panic, because they know that this will be the most power Rove has had since he left the White House. In fact, it will be pretty much commensurate with the power that he had while he was in the White House.

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