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RUSH: Amy in Houston, you’re next, the Rush Limbaugh program, hi.

CALLER: Hi. It’s so good to talk to you. It’s an honor.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: We pray for you and we hope you’re going to be doing what you do for a long, long time.

RUSH: Thank you very much, as do I.

CALLER: I just had a quick comment. You had played earlier a couple people that said, you know, we should just be thankful that Michelle is such a good mom, that she wants to take these kind of trips with her daughters, that that just shows how supportive she is and how involved she is in her girls’ lives and I didn’t realize you had to take trips to Spain and rent out that many hotel rooms to show you’re a good mom, otherwise I’m in big trouble, my daughter turned nine last month and —

RUSH: Yeah, but she’s also showing her kids places in the world that they’ve never seen before.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s fabulous, but I wasn’t aware that that proves you are a good mom. That proves you have a lot of money, maybe, and you have opportunity to do that, but, you know, we have birthday parties at home with friends and cake and ice cream. Does that mean I don’t care about my daughter? I don’t want to show her the world, is this what they’re trying to say? I think that just shows how out of touch they are with —

RUSH: No, you know exactly what it means and I know your questions are rhetorical. What it means is that everybody in the partisan political operative media knows that this was a huge mistake. I gave you the real reason why everybody’s excusing this last week, and it was all over the Internet, which is how I know I hit a home run, which is how I know it was a bull’s-eye. And here it is. Here’s the reason again. The liberals in this country, the left, the elite who are walking around with a collective guilt of 200 some odd years over our nation’s slave past, over our discrimination past and all of the things that are a civil rights violation, all of these things, running around, it’s the animating factor of many sportswriters, by the way. It’s the thing that animates them. It’s the thing that animates a lot of people on the left. And Michelle (My Belle) Obama is descended from slaves, as the left has pointed out — not me. As leftist preachers have pointed out, she’s got slave blood whereas Obama himself does not. He’s not authentic; she is.

Now, for years and years and years, powerful people have been able to game the system and travel all over the world and have fine meals and fine wine and all of these fine things. It’s only fair and it’s only right that members of an abused minority now get their share of the pie. It’s like vacation affirmative action and the left and the media do not dare be critical of this. If it were George W. Bush’s wife that had done this, or even Hillary — well, they woulda made some excuses for Hillary, too, but not like they’ve done here. If George Bush and Laura had spent his birthday continents apart, there would be all kinds of attention focused on this. So there’s a lot of guilt in this, but there’s also a lot of protection. The media know full well how tone deaf this was. The media know full well what a political mistake this was. You look at the way the media went after Sarah Palin’s wardrobe during the campaign. What was that, $150,000 wardrobe? And they tried to say that it was given to her by people, that she kept the clothes, and what a horrible example this was, she’s not entitled to that. Yet we get stories every day on the fashion consciousness and the trend setting fashion of Michelle (My Belle) Obama. So there’s clearly a double standard here.

And I do believe, not only is there a racial component, but there’s an ideological component. The left is gonna circle the wagons and protect its own regardless. But at the same time it’s just not possible for people who have been held in slavery and who have been discriminated against, it’s not possible for them to game the system or to act in excess, because so much is owed to them. Now, this is the attitude of many in the media. It’s the attitude of many on the left. You all know that a collective guilt and a self-loathing is what animates many of these people. So there’s never going to be any condemnation. There will be excuses upon excuses offered, explanations, and even criticism of those who dare to question the propriety of the first lady taking 40 friends in 60 rooms at a five star hotel for five days in Spain. How dare you criticize, who are you to criticize, have you no idea what these people have been through? That’s the underlying tone here. But they all know that in flyover country, this does not play, in flyover country this does not look good and they’re not getting away with it.


RUSH: Now, don’t forget, these are the same Obamas who make a big deal out of not giving their kids birthday and Christmas presents. Remember that? And yet the excuse for the trip, ‘Well, Sasha wanted to go to Spain.’ Well, wait, I thought you didn’t give ’em presents; you didn’t want to spoil ’em. Well, that’s not a present to go to Spain. It’s another part of the world. Right. Government does not create wealth; it destroys it. It redistributes wealth and destroys it, but it does not create it, pure and simple. There’s no argument that can be made about that.

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