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RUSH: Robert Gibbs yesterday failed to show up at the White House press briefing. They said he had a bad cough. The real reason was he ticked off the left. ‘White House press secretary Robert Gibbs [trying] to climb down from angry remarks he aimed at leftwing critics, calling them ‘crazy.” This was in an interview with The Hill newspaper in Washington. Gibbs said, ‘I hear these people saying [that Obama’s] like George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested. I mean, it’s crazy.’ He called these people criticizing Obama the ”professional left’ in terms very similar to those used by their opponents on the ideological right.’ He said, ‘Look, these people’ — this is Gibbs talking about Obama’s left — ‘they’re going to be satisfied when we have Canadian health care and we’ve eliminated the Pentagon. That’s not reality.’ ‘Within hours of the interview being published, Gibbs tried to walk back his comments, calling them ‘inartful’. He told the [Huffing and Puffington] Post, ‘I watch too much cable, I admit it.” What could he be possibly watching on cable? There’s only one thing he watches on cable: MSNBC. So he has just blamed MSNBC for his inartful comments. He’s just blamed them for influencing the way he came off. It’s hilarious, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, in this Colorado election, the Democrat that Obama endorsed, about whom the media is orgasmically excited today, Bennet, he got 183,521 votes. The winning Republican candidate — and this is really what this is all about — the winning Republican candidate, Ken Buck, got 209,967 votes. They can sit there and they can have their little orgasm all they like about, ‘Look at that! Look at Obama’s coattails! Look at the star power! Man, he endorses, wins, Clinton endorses, he loses!’ The Republican candidate cleaned up with more votes than any of them.

Now, I actually think that some of the media are beginning to say that Obama is losing his cool, because Gibbs doesn’t go out there and speak on his own. Gibbs is not gonna go out and call these people, these Obama critics, ‘the professional left.’ You have to know that this was orchestrated, this was Obama’s attempt at triangulating. There’s no question Obama used Gibbs to try to go out there and create a Sister Souljah moment, by going out there and criticizing the left. ‘Ah, yeah! These professional leftists, professional liberals!’ That’s practically — that’s the ruling class he’s attacking, and that comment was aimed at whites and independents who are fleeing Obama in droves. Can you really believe that the White House press secretary would run down Canadian health care, when that’s exactly where they’re aiming? Single payer health care is exactly where they’re aiming! And yet Gibbs goes out there and says (paraphrase), ‘Yeah, they’re upset, they want Canadian health care, it’s never going to happen.’ It is going to happen! That’s their sole objective! So once again, Obama has to hide behind Gibbs, lie about his intentions, in order to try to win back some mainstream support that he’s lost, and the same thing with the Pentagon. Believe me, don’t doubt me, if these guys could, they would make the Pentagon as irrelevant as they could. They already announced some budget cuts yesterday. They eliminate the Pentagon, never going to happen. It probably won’t happen, but don’t doubt for a moment that Obama and his most trusted inner circle would love to make the Pentagon irrelevant. That’s who they are.


RUSH: To the phones quickly. Dave in Nina, Wisconsin, great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush, from the cheese-head land of America. I just got a quick question for you.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: This sudden criticism, you know, I’m always suspicious when Democrats, particularly liberal Democrats, start criticizing each other, because there’s an unwritten rule, never speak ill of another Democrat. I wish Republicans would do that, but when they suddenly start going after President Obama, I’m not wondering if the White House is not sending out back-channel communications to start doing this so he’ll appear more centrist and more palatable to the people come election time.

RUSH: I don’t think this is a strategy. I think this is founded in reality. It’s election year and the Democrats know they’re governing against the will of the people. They know it. But the Democrats believe that most voters don’t start paying attention to elections until August or September. So now they are going to start saying things that represent the majority thinking in the country. It’s all phony. It’s not a White House-led strategy. It’s called lying. And they’ve been doing it since there was a Democrat Party.


RUSH: As to the last caller, why do we always think that there’s some brilliant strategy that we can’t see coming from the White House, they’re always smarter than we are, they’re always a step ahead of us? Folks, there’s no plot here from the White House to get Democrats to sound like Republicans. The Democrats are imploding, and the rats are jumping ship. There is nothing complicated about this. There’s nothing clever about it. They see the poll numbers. There’s not a poll anywhere that shows the Democrats not getting crushed at some level. They know it. They’re trying to prevent that from happening. They don’t need to have a secret meeting to have this attitude. They’re not that smart, folks.


RUSH: Here’s Gibbs doubling down. This is the White House press briefing today, a reporter said, ‘Do you feel that there’s substance to what you said –‘ the professional left, that they need to take a drug test? ‘– is there too much of a demand from the left of the party?’

GIBBS: I didn’t say there was too much of a demand, I think — or — or too much pressure. I think that a lot of the issues that Democrats throughout the party have worked to see happen have come to fruition. Health care was an issue that was worked on for a hundred years. President after president after president discussed the importance of passing something comprehensive and historic that cut how much we were paying for health care. That extended the life as we saw last week of the Medicare trust fund. I think those are accomplishments that we all should be proud of regardless of whether it encompasses a hundred percent of what we had wanted in the beginning.

RUSH: So he said he’s not backing down, hanging in there and continuing to play the role that has been assigned him. He knows instinctively that he has to play.

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