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RUSH: Obamaville. We’re looking for things to laugh at, we’re looking for things to smile at. ‘The executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority is facing foreclosure. Wells Fargo Bank,’ my bank ‘has foreclosed on Carl Greene’s $615,000, three-bedroom, 2,100-square-foot condominium in the upscale Naval Square development in southwest Philadelphia. The bank says in a lawsuit filed late last month that the amount in dispute is $386,685. The 53-year-old Greene earns more than $300,000 a year as head of the nation’s fourth-largest public housing agency. He bought the home in 2007.’ The executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority makes $300 grand a year, more than that, and he’s being foreclosed on in Barack Hoover Obama’s America.

‘California prosecutors have charged a 46-year-old man with felony vandalism for ramming a U-Haul truck into a tow truck when he saw his vehicle was being towed. Bernard Veldhuizen of Tustin faced arraignment in Orange County Friday, two days after the incident led to an 11-hour standoff with SWAT officers outside his home. During the standoff, the bare-chested man yelled out a window and threw out a laptop computer, among other things. Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino says financial troubles apparently led to the man’s reaction when he spotted the tow truck hooking up to his vehicle early Wednesday. The crash put a dent in the fender of the tow truck. The tow truck driver, who wasn’t hurt, towed the car.’ That’s Bernard Veldhuizen. Bernard, how is your summer going in Barack Hoover Obama’s America?

Garden City, New York: ‘A New York woman moving to Florida has been ordered to use the Skype computer program so her children can have long-distance visitation with their father. State Supreme Court Justice Jerry Garguilo made the ruling after Debra Baker of Coram, N.Y., told the court she is moving to Venice, Fla. The unemployed bookkeeper explained her house is in foreclosure,’ and doesn’t know how to use Skype. How’s your summer going in the summer of Barack Hoover Obama?

‘A New York City ad executive says she never doubted a homeless man would return the credit card she loaned him in lieu of change. Marrie Harris says she didn’t have any cash when Jay Valentine asked for some Monday, so she let him use her American Express platinum card instead. Friends and bystanders told her she’d never see it again,’ but Harris said she trusted Valentine, a homeless guy all along. ‘He returned it after buying deodorant, body wash, cigarettes and water for a total of $25.’ What an idiot. Somebody gives you their platinum card and you take it back? He spent 25 bucks on deodorant, body wash, cigarettes, and water. What do you think cost the most of all that? The cigarettes were probably 20 bucks. So he got deodorant, body wash, and water for five bucks. ‘Valentine says he was surprised to be handed the card but never considered taking advantage of Harris’ generosity.’ How did he sign it? I mean, he signed a receipt. (interruption) What do you mean, nobody looks? Hell, every time I — (interruption) well, they don’t?

One more story, ladies and gentlemen, that is emblematic of summertime in Barack Hoover Obama’s America. ‘Five females were bound and robbed in a Manhattan apartment. Three men entered the apartment in the early morning hours on a Friday in July. They bound the hands and feet of a 9-year-old girl, a 15-year-old girl, a 37-year-old woman, a 39-year-old woman and a 56-year-old woman. It’s not known if the victims were all members of the same family. The suspects took an unknown amount of cash and and took off. A security camera caught the men leaving the building. Police just released the video in hopes of identifying the suspects. The suspects are described as follows: Hispanic, 18-25 years old, 5’10’-6’0′, last seen wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. Hispanic, 18-25 years old, 5’8′-5’10’, last seen wearing a baseball cap with purple and white sneakers. Hispanic, 18-25 years old, 5’10’-6’0′, last seen wearing a baseball cap.’ These are the guys seen on the video camera. My question is that if these three guys are found and if they are arrested, will these three guys have to show their papers? Will New York authorities ask for their papers? (interruption) New York’s a sanctuary city? So their papers will not be requested. So we’ll never know.

‘A San Francisco commission has put off a vote on a proposal to ban pet sales to consider an alternate idea that would require pet owners to be licensed. The Commission of Animal Control and Welfare decided after more than three hours of debate,’ and a genuine conniption fit throughout the city ‘to postpone the vote at least until January. Commissioner Philip Gerrie says he doesn’t think the commission should rush the vote. Gerrie proposed the ban in the spring. It would apply to dogs, cats and also small animals such as hamsters and rats.’ They’re gonna ban the sale of all these pets throughout the city of San Francisco. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, Snerdley. I mean that’s just random stories from off the news wires about a typical American summer in Barack Hoover Obama’s America. But we have a couple of teachable moments coming up in relation to Obama’s 27-hour vacation to the Redneck Riviera.

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