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RUSH: Here’s Ron Mott. Now, this is Wednesday. This is Ron Mott when he felt that he had to be careful, it’s about the riots in Atlanta.

MOTT: The first thought that I had when we pulled up on the scene here was whether we were in America, and I have to be very careful as a reporter not to overstep my bounds, but this was a very disgusting scene that we saw here in metro Atlanta today. Dozens upon dozens of people passing out from the heat, standing in the heat just to get an application to apply for public housing here in metro Atlanta. This does not guarantee them a place to live. In fact, they had so many applications go out today, 13,000 applications, there are exactly zero public housing units, zero subsidized housing units available in East Point, Georgia. A lot of these folks will never get off that wait list.

RUSH: The first thought I had when we pulled up on the scene here was whether we were in America, but I had to be very careful as a reporter not to overstep my bounds. We wondered, ‘What the hell does that mean?’ Can’t be honest about the who, what, when, where, and why because the who, what, when, where, and why in journalism, the answer to every one of those questions is: Republicans are evil. So he went on Sergeant Schultz’s show on MessNBC last night, because he’s an NBC correspondent, and this is what he said that he couldn’t say the day before.

MOTT: The real shame for me as a reporter is that I’m told to keep my emotions in check, and the first emotion I had when I showed up to that scene yesterday, I was sad and then I just got angry that these people were stripped of the last thing really that they own and that is their own dignity, having to beg for an application that really, for most of them, will not turn up housing that they can afford. And I think one of the things that we have to do as a country, if you have a heart and if you feel, you’ve gotta wonder what we’re going to do to try to build more affordable housing so that we don’t have people who are not in prison, who are law-abiding citizens living in worse conditions than this nation’s prisons.

RUSH: Mr. Mott, there is enough evidence to suggest the government cannot fix the problems of poverty in any community. The government can’t keep people out of jail. The government can’t do any of this. We already tried affordable housing, Mr. Mott. It is why we have an economic disaster right now. It’s called the subprime mortgage. And we have all kinds of people in affordable housing that could not afford it. If you want to fix what’s wrong, Mr. Mott, get rid of Democrats in Washington. It’s just that simple. And then tell people in minority communities to get married, stay married, but don’t do it before they get outta high school.


RUSH: We learned that the Philadelphia Housing Authority guy is making 300 grand and he’s being foreclosed on. I wonder what the East Point, George — this is Atlanta — I wonder what that housing authority head is making. I mean, Mr. Mott, the idiocy of you people. It’s not easy to suffer fools. Today you’re just really getting to me. The same government that cannot deport illegal aliens and enforce the border laws is somehow going to find a way to put everybody in a house in this country? They already tried it, Mr. Mott, and it’s why we have an economic crisis, called the subprime mortgage business. The guy is in the media. We’re sunk, folks, we’re just sunk.

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