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RUSH: I keep reading stories (and you know them as well) every day of more news of a declining, slowing economy which never really did pick up in recovery. More and more people are losing their jobs. I ask myself: What happened to all of those ‘shovel-ready jobs’ we were promised a year-and- a-half ago with the stimulus bill and Porkulus bill? Well, now, they were holding it for this year. Bite Me said that they were going to be producing all of these jobs. The fact of the matter is, I don’t care what Bite Me said about when or how or what. We’re not doing it. We’re not producing any jobs and yet all we heard about was all of these shovel-ready jobs that we were promised a year and a half ago. It looks to me like the only shovel-ready job is going to be the job of burying the Democrat Party. Because I’ll tell you who’s got the shovels is us and who’s shovel-ready is Democrats, and there’s Obama out there raising money ostensibly for the mid-term elections. He’s not raising money for Democrats. He doesn’t care. If you listen to his speech to those fat cats in Hollywood, it’s all about him. (imitating Obama) ‘Why, I brought the most progressive legislative agenda in decades, I’ve done this and I’ve done that. I brought more socialism than FDR.’

Yeah, and look where it got us!

He’s not talking about the nation. He’s not talking about his fellow Democrats. He’s talking about himself. Everything is viewed through the prism of Imam Obama. And yet everybody thinks he’s out there doing what he’s doing to try to help the Democrats. This from Bloomberg: ‘China cut its holdings of Treasury notes and bonds by the most ever, raising speculation a plunge in U.S. yields that sent two-year rates to a record low has made government securities unattractive. The Asian nation’s holdings of long-term Treasuries fell by $21.2 billion in June to $839.7 billion, a U.S. government report showed yesterday. Total Chinese investment in U.S. debt declined 2.8 percent to $843.7 billion, the least in a year. … China, America’s largest creditor, is cutting back after scrapping its currency peg in June, giving it less reason to buy dollars and invest them in Treasuries. China is also turning more bullish on Europe and Japan, purchasing bonds of both nations.’ Does anybody ask: Why is it the ChiComs are the ones buying? Are we buying up ChiCom debt? Do they have any debt? They’ve got debt, but they’re buying ours.

‘The shift comes as President [Imam] Obama increases U.S. debt to record levels…’ (interruption) I know, I know. It’s the Media Tweak of the Day. We’ll see. You know, yesterday I said he’s the ‘first anti-American president’ in history. That worked. They had cows over there at MSNBC. I mean, it’s fun, don’t misunderstand, but it’s getting to be too easy. I mean it’s getting to be too easy to tweak. Guest hosts, regular hosts, I don’t care who it is at MessNBC. With a snap of the fingers I can send them into a tizzy. I can send them into a tailspin of anger and incredulity, and they can’t believe it, and they go out and they get all these quasi-Republicans, ‘Do you agree with what Limbaugh said that Obama is the first anti-American president?’

‘Oh, no! Oh, no! I wouldn’t say that! We don’t want to anger the independents.’

Anger the independents? I’m sorry, it’s Imam Obama who’s done that. The independents are fleeing Democrats in droves. You know, some of these Republicans are so formulaic that they just don’t see the forest for the trees or whatever the phrase is, and they’re as easy to play as these Democrats. Michael Smerconish does mornings at our Philadelphia blowtorch affiliate. I met Michael the last time I was in Philadelphia for Rush to Excellence Tour. I met him and his father backstage. He knows what we do here. He knows what we do on the EIB. He wrote (and I actually thanked him for it) a tremendous column reviewing my Rush to Excellence appearance. But he’s sitting in for Matthews on Hardboiled, and he was talking to GOP strategerist John Feehery, who… I think this guy has had problems with me in the past. I don’t recall specifically; the name rings a bell. I confuse him with a former catcher for the New York Yankees: John Flaherty. Feehery, Flaherty.

At any rate, here’s the exchange.

SMERCONISH: Does the Republican Party benefit by having Rush Limbaugh, who’s really the titular head of the organization as far as I’m concerned, say that he’s an anti-American? He’s the commander-in-chief. He’s all of our president. I mean, I hear moderates and independents turning away when they hear such a thing.

FEEHERY: Let me state clearly that I do not believe that President Obama is the first anti-American president. I think that comment’s ridiculous.

SMERCONISH: Okay. I think that’s enough.

RUSH: Yeah. I mean, this is just too easy. The Republican Party hurt by this? (imitating Feehery) ‘Let me be the first to say that Obama is not the first anti-American president.’ Well, then who is? If Obama is not the first anti-American president, who is? Maybe I should have been more respectful to Imam Obama, peace be upon him.

(Let’s see what they do with that tonight.)

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