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RUSH: By the way, we have a new iPad winner. We’ve had our third giveaway. Jeremy N. of Fairbanks, Alaska. Now, Friday’s winner was from Montana. Last night’s drawing produces the winner Jeremy N. of Fairbanks, Alaska. What are the odds of that happening? So we’ve got six more iPads to give away on our Facebook page. It’s Facebook.com/RushLimbaugh. We created the page to showcase 20 wedding photos from the Wedding of the Year, perhaps the Wedding of the Century: Mine. It took place on June the 5th. You can register if you haven’t already. We’re up to 407,000 last time I looked. We have 407,000 friends on Facebook, and all of those people have thus signed up to be eligible for our iPad giveaway. These are special iPads. They’re top of the line, 64-gig, 3G capable, along with Wi-Fi. It’s engraved (sizably so) on the back with the EIB logo and my signature. There are six more to go, one every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We’ll give one away until August the 30th. The address again is Facebook.com/RushLimbaugh, and congratulations to Jeremy N. of Fairbanks, last night’s winner.


RUSH: Another iPad winner today, Jeremy N. of Fairbanks, Alaska. He’s number three of nine iPads that we’re giving away. These were 64-gigabyte, 3G capable Wi-Fi iPads all engraved on the back with the EIB logo and my signature. Now, we gonna give away three a week between now and August 30th on our Facebook page. The address: Facebook.com/RushLimbaugh. If you’ve already registered, you’re registered. You don’t have to sign up every time. Our drawings take place after midnight on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We announce the winners the next day. (Well, the next busy broadcast day.) So Friday night’s winner gets announced on Monday. The next drawing will be taken tomorrow night and we’ll have the winner’s name on Thursday. We have 20 exciting wedding pictures posted on Facebook which is one of the reasons that we opened and established the Facebook page. The last time I looked at it we were at 409,000, and it’s not even a week. It will be a week tomorrow ’cause this is Tuesday out there.

So, anyway, thanks, everybody.

The comments are just fabulous, too. You can see who this audience is: The backbone of America, the heart of America. All this notion about this program and conservatives being racist, sexist, bigots, we’ve all known that’s a bunch of rot, but 410,000 now. So only 90,000 more to get to a half million by tomorrow. That’s a long shot ’cause it’s slowing down now, but the number of hits is over 12 million. Some people just don’t want to establish a Facebook account. I don’t think you have to do that… Well, you don’t have to do that to see the wedding pictures. I don’t think you have to do that to sign up for the Rush in a Hurry e-mail blast at the end of the program every day. That’s cool. It’s a brief summary of the program with selected transcripts and web links to various audio sound bites in advance of the full website update RushLimbaugh.com at six o’clock Eastern Time every evening.

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