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RUSH: Try these headlines here, folks. Fake Media, just yesterday, was all atwitter over the shrimp season in the Gulf.

‘Gulf Shrimp Season off to Slow Start.’

‘Gulf Shrimp Boats Return to Uncertain Future.’

‘Fall Shrimp Season Opens in Gulf as Oil Fears Persist.’

‘Gulf Seafood Put Under Microscope.’

‘Questions Linger as Shrimp Season Opens in Gulf.’

‘Gulf Seafood Will be Thoroughly Checked for Oil.’

‘Gulf Fish Gets Unprecedented Safety Tests.’

That’s a series of headlines and now, a story today, after all of that: ‘Consumer Confidence the BiggestCatch for Gulf Fleet — Shrimp industry officials are more worried about the consumer confidence’ than they are oil in the product because they can’t find any! So another example of Fake Media depressing a market and trying to recover from a phony catastrophe that never happened in the first place, one that they perpetrated.


RUSH: So I have this story about all the anticipation of the shrimp business and the oyster business getting back up in the Gulf. Now, we haven’t had any oil. There hasn’t been any massive destruction. All there has been is panic, panic that was caused by a bunch of lies. We went through this all last week. The media and science, two of the Four Corners of Deceit, were creating a crisis where none existed. Panic shut down the tourism business to the Gulf, frightened people from going. So now we’ve got all these headlines yesterday, all of these headlines, ‘Where is the shrimp industry?’ ‘Will people worry about it? Will people find oil? Will people buy the shrimp?’ Of course we’re going to get scaremonger stories like that from the media. But we actually have one that’s pretty accurate. ‘Shrimp industry officials are worried about the consumer confidence that underlies a whole network of fishermen, ice makers, processors and distributors.’

The industry is worth more than $100 million a year in Louisiana alone.

‘Ewell Smith, the executive director of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, said that after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, Alaska seafood producers ‘spent $10 million a year for 10 years rebuilding their brand.’ In a test run on Friday, shrimpers found no sign of oil on their nets or shrimp, Mr. Smith said, but shrimpers had trouble finding buyers.’ I wonder why? ‘The Food and Drug Administration said that all seafood samples had tested below the level of concern for health risks from petroleum compounds, and that it was developing a test for dispersants in food. Only 2 of 2,500 water samples have tested positive for dispersants, it said.’ USA Today: ‘Gulf Oyster Beds Could Start Rebounding in the Fall.’

It looks like the only recovery going on is in the Gulf where we had this drastic oil spill.

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