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“What happened to all of those ‘shovel-ready jobs’ Obama promised to fund with the Porkulus bill? It looks to me like the only ‘shovel-read job’ is going to be the job of burying the Democrat Party.”

“It did strike me as a little ironic out there, folks, that the same Barack Hoover Obama who called people ‘bitter’ for clinging to their guns and religion feels like he can lecture us on the constitutional right to freedom of religion.”

“‘Imam Obama’ is the Media Tweak of the Day. You know, yesterday I said Obama’s the first anti-American president in history. That worked! They had cows over there at MSNBC.”

“Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is that every leftist, every socialist, every person in this country who has a problem with this country, is so hell-bent on that mosque being built?”

“The teachers are collecting more union dues than the Teamsters union is? Jimmy Hoffa, where are you? What an embarrassment!”

“Let me see if I understand this right. We have to get out of Iraq to show our sensitivity, and we have to close Guantanamo Bay out of sensitivity, but we can’t say no to Muslims building a victory monument at Ground Zero, which is what this mosque is.”

“Don’t tell me the Ground Zero mosque is all about religious freedom for the left. Check and see what happens to a pro-life group protesting an abortion clinic if you want to talk about religious freedom.”

“Even Central Park South on the wrong time of day can stink when you come out of your high-class, five-star hotel there.”

“The fact that people are broke… there’s nothing new about that; that’s been happening since we invented money. But all of a sudden now in America, if you’re broke, and you happen to have supported a Democrat, the American taxpayer’s going to pay you back.”

“If Obama is not the first anti-American president, who is? Maybe I should have been more respectful to Imam Obama, peace be upon him.”

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