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RUSH: I’ll tell you about Blagojevich right now. People ask, ‘What do you think about Blagojevich?’ Here’s what I think about Blagojevich. Twenty-four counts. A jury in Chicago hung on 23 of them. The one conviction is another process crime, having nothing to do with what the original investigation was about. I’m not condoning lying to the FBI, don’t misunderstand. That’s the one guilty count, the process crime, false statements to the Fibbies. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying he should get away with lying to federal investigators. Blagojevich is a clown, he’s a Cabbage Patch doll clown, no question. But this is Patrick Fitzgerald. This is the guy who went after Scooter Libby when Scooter Libby hadn’t done anything, and he knew Libby hadn’t done anything. He went after Scooter Libby when everybody knew that it was Richard Armitage who had leaked the name of the irrelevant — what’s her name? Valerie Plame, whose book really sold well, didn’t it? I mean nobody ever cared about that in the first place. But we were destroying America’s traditions with that, leaking her name.

They tried to get Rove frog-marched out of the White House, tried to get Cheney, couldn’t get those guys, so they had to go get Libby and he didn’t do anything. They got him on a process crime. Twenty-four counts against Blagojevich hoping that something sticks. Blagojevich, I don’t care how clownish or crooked he may be, but throw 24 counts up against the wall and not one of them stick. Very strange. Also, Patrick Fitzgerald is the prosecutor who fought Conrad Black’s release on bail even after the Supreme Court shot down the provision on which he was jailed. I’m surprised they found Blagojevich guilty of anything in Chicago. I mean it’s the Chicago way. And now they said they’re going to retry. They’re going to have meeting August 26 to figure out how to retry. Meanwhile, Blago says he’s going to appeal the one conviction that he lied to the Fibbies.

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