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Rush’s Morning Update: Scenes from Obamaville
August 20, 2010

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While President Obama was telling Ohio locals the economy is good and Nancy Pelosi was calling for investigations of those opposed to the Ground Zero Hamasque there was other news in Obamaville.

Dateline: Seattle, Obamaville, USA. Police say a 10-year-old shot on a bus was a victim of his own crimes. The 10-year-old was trying to rob a 17-year-old. As he reached into his backpack, the older boy grabbed him in a bear hug, causing a gun in the backpack to go off. The 10-year-old faces weapons and robbery charges.

Dateline: Los Angeles, Obamaville. Gregory Taylor was caught trying to break into a church kitchen. He faced a life term because of two prior robbery convictions but the judge – obviously moved by how tough life is these days – reduced Taylor’s potential sentence tojust eight years. If convicted, at least he will eat.

Dateline: Back to Seattle, Obamaville, USA. A former TSA supervisor was busted going through passengers’ checked luggage. He pled guilty to stealing andthen pawning up to $20,000 worth of jewelry and other items. Though he faces ten years, he’s expected to be shown mercy and serve onlyone year.

Dateline: Utah, Obamaville. A federal court ruled 14 crosses commemorating fallen Utah state troopers along state highways are unconstitutional. They have to go. So far, Nancy Pelosi has not asked for opponents to be investigated, and Obama has not called for “tolerance.”

That’s it, folks, that’s today’s“Scenes from Obamaville.” More to come, I’m sure,in future episodes.

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