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“Jimmy Carter ought to love Obama. Finally somebody came along to take the mantle of worst president in 100 years away from him.”

“We don’t partner up with people. The way you spell this show is s-o-l-o. Solo. And the way you spell Limbaugh is s-t-a-r.”

“There is no difference between now and any other time Democrats are in charge as it relates to the condition of black people in America economically.”

“The only poll that matters, is the one that takes place on Election Day.”

“It’s pretty bad when the metrosexual wusses at the New York Times accuse you of Low T. I mean the New York Times doesn’t strike me as a full-fledged testosterone place.”

“Barry Manilow has endorsed Ron Paul. Barry Manilow said that he agrees with everything Ron Paul said. I wonder if they played any Barry Manilow tunes to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed during the enhanced interrogation techniques?”

“If the vagina is becoming big business, the left is gonna want their fair share, and then Obama is gonna have to find a way to tax it. He could probably consult with Eliot Spitzer on that.”

“No matter what, the left is never satisfied. They are incapable, structurally, institutionally, humanly, genetically, whatever, they’re incapable of being happy.”

“The issues don’t matter in California. Do they, in a presidential race? All that matters is whether there’s somebody running with a D next to their name, and if they are, they’re going to win.”

“There aren’t a whole lot of Democrats that are gonna run for reelection 2012 who want to tie themselves to this record.”

“Two if by Tea, like listening to this show, you don’t just do it once, you try it, you’re addicted.”

“You can change, you can fire, you can indict, you can ask what would Stalin do, but if Obama doesn’t change, none of this is going to change.”

“Obama and his policies are the death sentence for America, and the investment in a nonexistent business. The solar industry business is precisely emblematic of this failure.”

“You know, I wouldn’t mind, folks, us throwing away $500 million on Solyndra if we learned something from it.”

“Obama, I’m told, ladies and gentlemen, is taking his American jobs bill to the Brent Spence Bridge on the Ohio-Kentucky border, some bridge that is not falling down, a bridge that is already getting federal funds, so why was it chosen?”

“This Bloomberg guy is an order of fries short of a Happy Meal. The nanny mayor, no trans fat, no salt, no this, wants to micromanage your life, and now he thinks Obama’s got some good ideas on the table.”

“There is not one Democrat alive who is going to actively compete against Obama in the primaries, and the primary reason is race.”

“The epitome of the chickification of the news media is the New York Times.”

“The repair and the golden opportunity to fix this economy is a conservative — a movement conservative. Somebody who can proudly exclaim it, explain it, articulate it, happily, cheerfully, confidently; doesn’t have to have notes, doesn’t have to have a teleprompter, doesn’t have to be reminded what to say because it’s in his or her heart.”

“Now, if Obama’s depressed, why would he be depressed? Well, he’s a liberal. Liberals are never happy.”

“I’ve got my own tea, for crying out. Why do I need to partner up with a Tea Party group?”

“From the Los Angeles Times: ‘California Unemployment Rate, 12.1% in August.’ Has a president ever carried California with unemployment that high? I don’t know if unemployment has ever been that high, in the modern era.”

“Electoral votes in California are written off by the Republican Party. There’s not much money spent out there. There isn’t much of a Republican Party presence in California. In a political sense, it’s a lost state.”

“I’m a firm believer that there should not be cameras in courtrooms ’cause it just changes the way everybody behaves.”

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