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RUSH: This imam, Feisal Abdul Skyhook Rauf, you know who this guy is? The way this is shaping up, this is looking to me like we’re refighting the Cold War all over again. Instead of the communists we’re now fighting the militant Islamists, and this guy, Feisal Abdul Rauf, is Alger Hiss version 2.0. I mean history is repeating itself like I haven’t seen. Alger Hiss version 2.0 is who the imam is, the guy running the mosque. Asra Q. Nomani at the Daily Beast says, you know, this is the balloon boy story of the summer. They’ve raised $9 million or something on something that’s going to cost a hundred million — there’s no story here. The story is how the anti-American left wants the mosque built. Eighty percent of Americans never thought the Soviet Union was the end all, end all and the panacea, but the American left and the intelligentsia did. And that’s why this guy — I’m gonna call him Alger Hiss version 2.0 — you watch how that ticks ’em off because they loved Alger Hiss. One of the real reasons they hated Nixon, even Nixon gave ’em OSHA, Nixon gave them the EPA, Nixon gave them all kinds of things, still couldn’t win ’em back because they hated Nixon for prevailing over Alger Hiss. Hiss was a known communist spy, it was finally proven. I’m not saying this guy, the imam, is a communist spy, but as far as the left is concerned he’s Alger Hiss version 2.0.


(interruption) No, Snerdley, don’t argue with me about this. The Cold War analogy is right on the money. We’re now fighting the Mosqovites instead of the Muscovites, the whole thing for the Russians was, the Soviets, the Mosqovites. The 9/11 attacks in New York City, lest we forget, took out an entire zip code, 10048. They took out an entire ZIP code. It doesn’t exist anymore. It is easy to forget the massive damage that it did.

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