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RUSH: Okay, so to review here, folks, Sarah Palin has had — I counted ’em up — at least 11 of the candidates she endorsed go on to win, often against very long odds. The Drive-Bys are out there saying that Palin’s lost her power, that Palin no longer has the ability to shape the political landscape. It seems to me that 11 of the candidates she endorsed have gone on to win. Obama has had one candidate go on to win. They made a big news story out of that. That was the schlub out in Colorado who immediately distanced himself from Obama, and let’s not forget that one of the candidates that Palin endorsed was McCain. Nobody seems to want to remember this, the Drive-Bys certainly don’t. By the way, how about McCain, $21 million, from Mr. McCain-Feingold, $21 million to beat JD Hayworth. I think the outcome ended up two-to-one vote-wise. Boy, it’s a good thing we really got money out of politics, isn’t it, with McCain-Feingold, campaign finance reform? Twenty-one million from the maverick in a primary in which he was endorsed by Sarah Palin. Hi ya, folks, how are you? Great to be here, Mideast week in media, great to have you, telephone number 800-282-2882.

That’s right, McCain ran to the right of JD Hayworth. Now, JD now and then went right, sometimes he went populist. But McCain had to win out there by running to the right, and the Drive-Bys are saying, ‘Oh, McCain’s back.’ McCain’s so far right he’s got a long way to get back to the center line. I predict it won’t take long to get back to the center line.

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