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RUSH: To the phones in Hartford, Connecticut, we start with Steve. Thank you for calling, sir, thanks for waiting, and welcome to the program.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, where-men-are-created-equal-because-of-the-placement-of-their-bellybutton-dittos. I enjoyed that story some time ago. Anyway…

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: AP also had a report out earlier — ’cause you were talking AP — about Obama going to address the nation with, you know, the withdrawal of combat troops in Iraq and how successful Iraq is. And AP said Obama should get credit for the success in Iraq. I almost flipped out. I couldn’t believe it. Here the president: He is blaming Bush for all the jobs lost, he’s blaming them for the economy, everything. So he’s willing to blame Bush for something that he didn’t do, but yet he wants to take credit for something that Bush did! And AP is going to be a willing accomplice in the media, and Matthews? You just gave plenty of examples of how they just circle the wagons around this guy.

RUSH: Of course.

CALLER: They can’t stop doing it.

RUSH: Well, Vice President Bite Me got this all started by claiming that ‘our’ Iraq policy, the Obama Iraq policy was working and was one of the high points of the regime. Of course everybody knows that from Bite Me on down to Obama, they spent their entire years prior to ascending to the presidency bashing the mission, trying to destroy it, secure defeat. Harry Reid said, ‘This war is lost.’ Hell, Obama announces the ‘troop withdrawal’ and combat troops are continuing to pour in there. (laughs) Combat troops are continuing to pour into Iraq. You’re right, this is just the media trying to cover Obama’s tracks and give him some high praise. It’s fascinating, too, when you consider that for all those years the media and the Democrats did everything they could to discredit the war, and they tried to convince as many Americans as possible it was unjust and immoral and a total waste of time, a waste of troops, a waste of money — and now, all of a sudden, ‘It was a great adventure! It was a great example of American compassion and military might. It was so great a mission that we have to give Obama credit for it.’ They think we’re stupid, and we’re not. We don’t buy this anymore. They are increasingly, the media, more and more increasingly living on an island divorced from all of us and reality.

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